Morning Mists

Rantum Bassin, at Sylt.

Image via Wikipedia/ Sylt mudflats

The days are growing shorter and the mornings are crisp and “snappy” – exactly how I like it.  I could never imagine “going south” for the winter months like so many of our neighbors here do.  Ok, I would go to Walt Disney World for a couple of weeks but that’s it!

It’s the fall and winter here in Michigan that I look forward to.  I love the crisp air and the cold nights; even rainy days are fantastic.  Of course this is all so great in my mind because I relate it to my days on Sylt, where I grew up and met Mike so many years ago. 

Sylt is where we would walk on the beach in the cold seasons and then, all frozen, go to a Cafe’ or Bistro and have something scrumptious to eat and drink.  The time of day didn’t matter, life is a lot more laid back there than anywhere here in the US – could be after a morning walk going to have breakfast at Cafe’ Wien and top that off with a glass or two of champagne…  I could go on and on.

A few days ago, there was such a crisp morning. After dropping Marc off at school, I just had to take pictures of the fog and mists over the bay…