Rediscovered Treasure

Forever on the hunt for a new nursery since we don’t have Putney’s in Arcadia anymore where we were spoiled with great customer service; yesterday Dorothy, my mother in law, and I went to Greystone Nursery just south of Empire.  I hadn’t been there in years. Actually I thought it had closed a long time ago.  They only moved across M-22 to a really great location.  We brought home some beautiful plants.


I just loved that gardener.  She walked around without shoes (ouch my feet)

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Blueberries again


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On August 19 we finally made it to Honor and the Straubel’s blueberry patch.
Remember Joe the Bachelor and I went on July 30th or so to get blueberries there
but the place was still closed.
Blueberry picking at the Straubels begins on August 1st.
I couldn’t go the next day, but I made it 18 days later.

The boys came along after I urged, errrr…. threatened them with
“no dinner if you don’t help”  – that worked.

Hmmm,  the place had been picked over like I have never seen it before.
Kind of sad, we left after only getting one quart picked.
Too bad because they have the best berries
– watered only with the water from the creek –
no chemicals what so ever.

And last, a really cool looking gnarly tree 🙂