Putting in a garden…

…is hard work and Mike hasn’t done it in a number of years.  It seems he got “the bug” again after our gardening experience of last year

This new garden is a big one.  See for yourself what he has worked on all weekend. Watch the video

It’s long and it’s L-shaped. Katie can put in the 365 or so basil plants that we need to get all the pesto she can make.  Mike didn’t just work though, we had some nice guests, the usual crowd actually and therefore we had the first cocktails and Friday Night Fish Fry at the Villa Marine Restaurant with the Wayfarer Bachelor

This was the view from the deck at the Villa Marine Restaurant Friday night.  That’s Elberta across the bay.
More and more boats are arriving each day!

Canadians flying north and looking down on our dinner plates, hehe

Ok, that’s how Memorial Day Weekend started and it ended today with Martin, from Canada, sitting outside with my 3 men shooting the breeze.

We had a great weekend with great guests. Yahoo, let the summer begin.