She’s back!

Now don’t think that I forgot all about you. I haven’t.
But I have been busy doing nothing.
Well, not nothing. I have been brainstorming with myself about what to
tackle first in the cottages as soon as the snow is on its way out of here.
Mike quit his job in order to be here and work on making the cottages beautiful.
We are both very excited about that.

Do I hear a


to me?

Right now, a huge snow storm is on its way across Lake Michigan.
Time to get back to my comfy chair,
put another log on the fire,
enjoy some *Russian (hot) Chocolate* and my kindle – yay

There is nothing better than snow on the ground and more snow falling from the sky.

True? – Opinions please.

See ya  in a couple of days


Recipe for Russian Chocolate:

Hot chocolate,  shot of dark rum, top with whipped cream and chocolate shavings – enjoy!

When taking pictures of snow…

Woaw, winter has hit us with massive amounts of beautiful snow.  Al Gruss came by this morning, like he has a few times this winter already.  He plowed the driveway and made some spaces for us to park the cars.  Mike is now outside, having fun with the snow blower.  He loves to blow snow.

Yikes, 12 inches or 1 foot of freshly fallen snow showed up by the back door this morning.


See, he’s having fun and I am making oatmeal because I know that he’ll want some when he’s finished.


While he blew that snow I thought about how much fun Mike used to have building snow things such as an igloo with a slide on top when the boys were 2 or 3 years old. Or the time back there by cottage 10 when he managed to make a huge pile of packing snow and proceeded to sculpt it into this gigantic pirate ship the likes of which the world had not seen until then.  It took him many hours to construct and included a climbing wall aft as well as figure head; I believe it was a huge eagle.  There also ALWAYS was a little cave in everything he built.  The cave with a snow bench was the boys’ little spot to get out of the cold and windy air and to have mom – me- serve them hot chocolate in there and I did 🙂

Oh yes, I took pictures alright but that was in the days when digital cameras weren’t around yet.  I clicked away, took pictures of the pirate ship from all angles and what to my wandering eyes did I see?  White.  Nothing but white.

Note:  If you take pictures of snow, make sure the background isn’t white as well!