Dear Iris…

As I walked up to Hummingbird (#6 for all who have stayed at the Wayfarer), a card was clipped to the door addressed to “Iris”.

“Dear Iris, I figured you would never forget the two ladies who traveled all the way from Florida for a wedding that got cancelled the day of.”  –
Indeed, I will not forget these ladies, a mother and daughter who could not have been nicer, more appreciative or happy. They made the best of the situation and enjoyed this beautiful area.

I may forget what is on my personal calendar some days, but I rarely forget a guest.
I know – strange, LOL



My Summer on the Front Porch

This has been my most wonderful summer since we came to live in Michigan.  Thanks to my reliable little helper Kamrie and some of her compadres for cleaning for me and Mike quitting his job.  Of course it helped that we had only enjoyable guests (almost) this year.  What a treat.
I have been able to enjoy my front porch more then ever before.  What fun to sit there and wave back at the “wavers” in the cars going by.
Ahhhh, a front porch, who needs anything else?!

I must say, thinking about this last season, this area sure has changed and then again it stayed the same.   The folks that come to enjoy themselves here are very much interested in keeping the area pristine and they really are “into the nature thing”, lol.
Water sports are definitely pushing hard to be the No.1 activity these days. Hiking and biking are not far behind. Of course that doesn’t mean that just plain old “laying on the beach” is no longer important. We’ve had many couples staying with us specifically to lay around on the beach and get chocolate brown before having to go back to work.

Long story short,   Thanks everyone for a most enjoyable season, for your business, for your friendship. We hope you went back home refreshed and feeling well and that your tank is full until you can come to Benzie County again   :heart:

Heehee, one really bad picture but there you have it – The Front Porch

Sis came to visit

Wayfarer – Art Gallery

The Wayfarer hosts many different kind of folks.  Today I am going to tell you about the young artists that we host every year.’

The first work is from Helena. You might remember her from our blueberry picking afternoon last summer. She drew and colored a water scene.  You can see this work in The Bluebird cottage (#4)

Wayfarer Artists

Moving along the gallery,  2 pieces of art can be found in The Heron (#9)
The one on the left is by Jimmy, he used to be my boyfriend and as he grew older he was my birdbath filler boy.  He made this fabulous drawing of The Cardinal cottage (#10) a couple of years ago.

On the right you will see the drawing of our fishing boat, with sail, by Vivian.  I think she captured it perfectly

2013-06-07 02.16.29

Close-ups of the works

2013-06-07 02.16.36 2013-06-07 02.16.43

Last but not least, the very first work I ever received and it is by Grayce. It is a portrait of me and our chocolate Lab Bear.
This work is hanging in cottage Cardinal (# 10) where Grayce and her parents stay when they stay 😉

2013-06-07 02.17.16

There you have it – The Wayfarer Art Gallery.

I cannot wait to see my little artists this summer. They are all scheduled to stay again and hopefully they’ll  have more works for me to put up in “their” cottages.

I Love Technology

I am also afraid of it and what it can do to my reservation calendar – After working my reservations on a desk calendar for the last 17 years, extremely low tech, I have been busy implementing an online reservation system.
A lot of would-be-guests have complained that we don’t have an availability calendar on the website.   My webmaster said that I did not only want an availability calendar but that I would want, whether I know it or not, an honest to goodness 21 century online thing.
So, that’s what has kept me busy for the last week and some days.  I am trying it (haven’t committed to it yet)  because this means that everyone out there in cyberspace can now make reservations and I cannot screen new guests to make sure they all fit in here or if they would be better off at my competition. Ergo, it remains to be seen if this is for us or not

Researchers Wanted!

Tell me how you feel about making a reservation via computer at a small mom and pop place

Oh and please someone take a moment and check it out. and first refresh the page

Do you like the way it behaves, does it look right, do you like the pictures/slideshows?

Any critique is welcome (I think I mean it)

Thank you!

Online reservations do not mean that you cannot call me to make a reservation. I love talking to you!  It’s only suppose to support me

Douglas David – Painter, Part II

I am so excited!  You remember Douglas David – painter from Indiana.  He is the fabulous artist who painted our Wayfarer cottages  

Since I never have time to do anything in the summer, I live vicariously through my guests.  In the evenings after everyone is back “home” and ready to have a cocktail and a chat, I sit and listen to the adventures of the day.

A few weeks ago, Douglas stayed again and, of course, he told me about his adventures.  Douglas comes for a few weeks each summer to give painting lessons for the Frankfort Art Center and to exhibit a few of his paintings at the Center.  Do check out his website: Link to Douglas’ website

Today he sent pictures. Yay.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What a gorgeous way to work – painting where your heart desires…  The beach looks enticing to me.  Oh how I would love to learn how to paint. Alas, I cannot even draw decent stick figures.

Blueberry Adventures

Today was a fun day.  But it really started 2 days ago when Shari from cottage 9 and two of her boys and I went to pick blueberries in Honor off of Dead Stream Road.  We had a great time and picked quite a few quarts of the most beautiful berries.  They were so ripe and full, they almost jumped into our jugs.
After we came home, I baked a blueberry pie for Shari and her family 😉

Today I wanted to show Tammy, Nate and Helena, from cottage 4, a blueberry patch a lot closer to the Wayfarer than going into Honor.  I went over to cottage 9 and asked Shari’s boys if they wanted to come along and they did. Yay.
I was sure that I knew how to get there via my shortcut.   Ummmmmmm, I missed a turn and we drove around “sightseeing” for a while until my brain engaged and I figured out how to find the berries patch.

After we came home, I baked a blueberry pie for my family 😉

Cottage kid

Cottage kids hard at work

that’s the pie I baked for us

mmmmmm pie


This is a great summer with some fantastic guests and more fantastic guests to come. Looking forward to quite a few old Wayfarer friends to come still