Putting in a garden…

…is hard work and Mike hasn’t done it in a number of years.  It seems he got “the bug” again after our gardening experience of last year

This new garden is a big one.  See for yourself what he has worked on all weekend. Watch the video

It’s long and it’s L-shaped. Katie can put in the 365 or so basil plants that we need to get all the pesto she can make.  Mike didn’t just work though, we had some nice guests, the usual crowd actually and therefore we had the first cocktails and Friday Night Fish Fry at the Villa Marine Restaurant with the Wayfarer Bachelor

This was the view from the deck at the Villa Marine Restaurant Friday night.  That’s Elberta across the bay.
More and more boats are arriving each day!

Canadians flying north and looking down on our dinner plates, hehe

Ok, that’s how Memorial Day Weekend started and it ended today with Martin, from Canada, sitting outside with my 3 men shooting the breeze.

We had a great weekend with great guests. Yahoo, let the summer begin.

These two guys…

…with their dog showed up looking for a room for the weekend.  All I had was the cottage that Leonard didn’t need last night and I had agreed to try and rent it for him.  Nothing for the weekend in the entire town!  This is busy season, people. How come downstate and out of state travel agents still keep telling their clients that “there’s nothing going on, it’s Michigan”?   😯 The guys took the room and this morning, as we happen to walk  our dogs together through the meadow,  Stan gave me his business card, ” in case there is an opening…”

The business card

Of course I was nosey and asked what kind of business is “Compelling Storytelling for Broadcast and Multimedia” ?  Turns out those two are producers of home improvement shows for  DIY.

One show is called “desperate landscaping”  the other one has something to do with $ 10.000 make-overs, I can’t remember the title.  So I said that we don’t get the DIY channel here and that those shows never come to our parts of the country and they said “Not so, we’re working at homes in the mid-west”.   They also said for me to get on the list. Now does that mean that they think  the house or garden really need work or are they just saying “get on the list”  because they want to come back here? , heehee.

I am thinking, thinking, thinking.

Getting the goods, or…

…harvesting the first VEGGIES!!

Katie came over yesterday with Ella, her little niece.  They picked a few weeds and then they discovered that the beans were ripe for the picking. Don’t they look amazing?  Hehe and the basil looks like it wants to be picked as well.  The peppers are still growing nicely, the onions look small. I am talking about those things that stick up from the ground that look like chives, they look a little small to me. But what do I know?

Ok, question for you all, how long will the beans produce?  Is this handful all there is on those small plants?

the first green beans

The first green beans

Katie and Ella

Katie and Ella

Someone in this chair was drinking bubbly

Someone in this chair was drinking bubbly



The garden :)

The garden 🙂

more of the garden

more of the garden



So this was a nice end to a fun afternoon.  Katie came over around 6:30 – I had just come home from a Chamber function on the Sand Dunes Boat.

Yes there was wine and beer and good food involved there too.  Gluttony (is that how it’s spelled?)

Molly - she works for the Cruise company

Molly – she works for the Cruise company

Joanne Bartley, Chamber of Commerce Director and some guy ;)

Joanne Bartley, Chamber of Commerce Director
Mike Jones, Wayfarer Lodging
being silly as usual

swan in Betsie Lake

swan in Betsie Bay

a shot of Betsie Lake

a shot of Betsie Bay

And that is it for today.