Film Festival in Frankfort

A new and exciting thing is happening this month right here in Frankfort.

The Garden Theater

is holding it’s
Inaugural Independent Film Festival
on October 23-25, 2009 .
Yes, that’s right, it takes place

In honor of this most excellent event,
the Wayfarer is giving away 2 tickets to the festival
Cottage 6 for that weekend (Friday and Saturday night) to the lucky winner !

So, here’s how we’re going to do this:

Please post your answer in the comment section of this post

Tell me how many feature films were filmed in Michigan in 2008

or if you don’t know the answer,

just say ‘hallo’ <–  with a British accent if you please         :mrgreen:

Every entry counts!



As your entries (enter as many times as you want to) come in,
I’ll assign a number to each of them
and with the help of a random number generator
a winner will be found.
Enter until Friday, October 9, 2009.
The contest closes at 5 PM

Good luck everyone

I did nothing today, I think

I had a lot of things planned for today. Nothing urbane nor the least bit interesting – some cleaning, some laundry, dealing with the laundry man, picking up after the boys, clean the kitchen, thinking about what to write next in this blog and going to the Frankfort Chamber of Commerce After Hours at the Betsie Bay Inn.  I got only very few things done.

The laundry man came, while I was still in the shower. He waited and waited…I told him not to be here before 8:30 but he won’t listen. So he has to wait a little. Then I folded a bit of laundry, then I hauled some more washed and dried laundry into the kitchen and onto the kitchen table. The idea being that I would fold that as well. That was before 10 am.  Jan and Kathy came to visit after a few months down yonder in the sun and to have coffee.  I then did something I can’t even remember and at 2 pm I went to shop for dinner and to go to the bank.

at 2:41 pmat 2:41 pm

It was 46 degrees and very nice and sunnyIt was 46 degrees and very nice and sunny

in Frankfortin Frankfort

I could go on and on and you would be so bored.
At 5:30 pm I went into town to do the Chamber thing, which was so much fun, again. They drew my business card and I won stuff from Hulls
I love winning stuff from Hulls because it usually includes some of their incredibly cute socks

a pair of cool socksa pair of cool socks

this cute little braceletthis cute little bracelet

and this ball filled with lip balm, SPF 20 - Mariah tells me :)and this ball filled with lip balm, SPF 20 – Mariah tells me :)

There were lots of nice, fun people at the cocktail hourLeslie, from ScottlandLeslie, she is from Scotland and plays euchre with us sometimes

Arlene from Olsen_Sayles, that gift shop on Main StreetArlene from Olsen-Sayles, the gift shop on Main Street

Katie!Katie! and Mindy being silly (she’s going to kill me for posting this) and Joanne from the Chamber of Commerce
looks like turquoise was the color of choice today.

The MitchmateThe Mitchmate – this “barge” is so big, it has an amphibious car on top of it. I drove home along the waterfront rather than Main Street, it’s more fun.

House on Main StreetAn interesting cottage on Main Street.
I took that from the parallel street down by the water.  See Mike’s red truck?


Lots of good things are going on at our Garden Theater


Then I went home and cooked dinner.

Anyway, the laundry stayed on the kitchen table until after I was done cooking dinner.  Then I moved it back into the dryer so that we could eat in the kitchen.  Now I don’t feel like doing it. I will try again tomorrow.

The End 😉