Kiteboarding Mecca

The wind has really been something the last few days.  Time to go to Frankfort Beach to see the crazies out on the water with their kites.  The waves were crashing around the lighthouse, the sun was shining and there were the most beautiful cartoon clouds in the sky.

As usual, click on the pictures to see them larger…

Lake Michigan and Dinner

Pictures today of Lake Michigan “behaving” a little more active than it has been in the last few weeks

As usual, at the end of Grace Road.

Looking right

Looking left

Left again

and right. With a good view of the Frankfort Lighthouse

Someone had a nice fire last night

That’s Tina Noffsinger waving. She was on her way to Frankfort – it’s the annual Twilight Sale in town.
Great deals to be had all over the place including at Hull’s Clothing

And then I went home and made my dinner

Tomato, Eggplant and Brussels Sprouts with a little lemon juice and salt to taste. Yummmers

The Flying Wallendas

The excitement never stops…
Here is what our Frankfort Chamber of Commerce has to tell:

The last of the original Flying Wallendas is soaring high over Benzie County this week.

Carla Wallenda, 76, will carry on her family’s daredevil tradition this week as part of Frankfort’s Fourth of July carnival.
Every night through July 8 she’ll be 110-feet above the ground, teetering and hanging on her “sway pole” – a steel pole that swings and bends as much as 25 feet to either side of the wire.

She is joined by her fellow performers: husband Mike Morgan and grandson Cody Wallenda.

“I’ve been performing all my life,” said Carla, who began walking a wire when she was just 3. “It gets your adrenaline going. You’re out in your own world. No matter what your problems are, when you’re out there, everything leaves you.”

The Flying Wallendas were founded by Carla’s father, Karl, in the 1920s. It’s a dangerous profession, and the family had its share of tragedy through the years. In 1962, her aunt Rietta fell to her death, and Karl died in 1978 when he fell from a wire in Puerto Rico.

Today, different branches of the family carry on the tradition all over the country. Nik Wallenda – Carla’s grand-nephew – recently walked a tightrope over Niagra Falls from the U.S. to Canada.

But Carla was in Clio that day. She watched it on television from her family’s ice cream stand.

“It was just another day at the office for us,” she said. “You can’t make enough money just doing the act any more, so we added the ice cream stand and a couple of games.”

The team spends the winter months in Florida, polishing their act and keeping in shape. Carla performed in nearly every state in the country, but for the past eight or nine years, summer brings her to Michigan to perform at carnivals and festivals around the state.

“I’ve slowed down traveling, between the cost of fuel and me having to drive a truck pulling a 52-foot trailer,” she said.

Carla has no intention of slowing down her act, and she hopes to keep performing for years to come. Meanwhile, she’s helping another generation of Wallendas take to the skies; grandson Cody is in training, and he could be performing the family’s signature “pyramid” act – a double or triple-decker of tight-rope walkers – in the years to come.

But for now, they’re enjoying their time up north.

“We love it here. I’m just enjoying that beautiful lake,” she said.

Frankfort’s Fourth of July Carnival runs today through July 8. Carla said she and her family will be performing every evening.

So, come one, come all and have a great week in Benzie County and Frankfort in particular.
I am happy to announce that the Wayfarer is fully booked 

Carter’s Kids in Frankfort

The Open Space in Frankfort at the water front has new playground equipment.  Carter Ooasterhouse and his group Carter’s Kids have been here and helped to erect it.

I went to see the goings on during the second day of construction. Actually I was hoping to get a glimpse of Carter who, by the way, is from Traverse City.  No such luck though.  I was told that Carter did not show up until the last minute of the last day 😦

Carter’s Kids helped get this thing started, the citizens of Frankfort gave the money and supplied the volunteers…

What a cool idea

Kristi Mills and her helpers are working their fingers to the bone trying to feed all the little and big builders for 3 days from sun up to sun down.  She did a fabulous job coordinating all of that.

Looks like a locomotive to me

so now I do not have a picture of the finished master piece.  I will go uptown and take one or two on Tuesday.  Going to lunch at the Fusion with a friend on Tuesday 😆

Easter Sunday in Benzie County

It was a nice, a very nice day in Benzie County.   I lollygagged in my comfy bed until the sun made me get up and of course the hooting and hollering downstairs.  The night before I had hidden the usual Easter eggs – the boys expect it and I do it.  So there was the big Easter egg hunt going on.

We spend most of the day at Mike’s mom’s house with his sisters and their kids.  And then, on my way home, I went out of my way to get some pictures for you.

See, it is quiet still. Not many guests here yet; a lot of locals are still on vacation as well. The weather is and has been positively spectacular in the last few weeks.  If this is a sign of things to come this summer…

The beach is in sight

Looking left toward the Elberta dunes. I never tire of these views.

Some fishing going on around the Frankfort Lighthouse

One lonely fishing boat in the harbor heading out

Then I drove to the Elberta look-out

Two adventurers strolling along the Elberta pier.

And the last picture is of Betsie Lake

I hope everyone had a peaceful and  Happy Easter…

Service at the Wayfarer!

Mike and I went to dinner at the Coho Cafe again last Saturday evening.
It’s really the only restaurant we go to in summer, because they close shop after Labor Day until the next year and then we switch to other restaurants in Frankfort and around the county.
The Coho Cafe has the best bar tenders by far and it is the most fun sitting there at the bar. More than at any other restaurant.  Anyway, I go on as though this was a story about dinner and drinks.  Would be nice if it were so.

We got home after dark, I believe it was around 10 PM to find a note from a guest at the door.

The poor man …heehee

In case you wonder,  YES, we gave him a nice, cozy blanket because he is a very nice guy and the father of my boyfriend Jimmy!   😉