Water, Summer, Sun and Sky

The Frankfort pier at sundown in mid July. I usually don’t get to go downtown in July and August, however the other day the boys wanted me to take them to the beach to jump off the pier.  See how the pier is full of their peers? (heheh, I couldn’t help myself 🙂 )

No, not a new island on the horizon, it’s a huge tanker!

Yes, the boys had fun jumping off that pier after shaking cherries all day and I had fun people watching…

The Photographer, Part Un

Do you remember when I told you that we had a photographer from the Washington DC area staying with us who was participating in a photo contest for the Pure Michigan campaign? Well, lem’me tell ya, he sent some pictures last night that are awesome. He gave me permission to use them here on the blog. His name is Drew Smith of  Drew Smith Photography

There are so many gorgeous pictures. Everyone of them worth framing.
How about some of Mike and Marc fishing off the Frankfort pier?


Click on the thumbnails to see the full size pictures