A Drive through Frankfort

Today the weather could not have been better. Here at the Wayfarer, we had a nice, cool breeze off Lake Michigan. Temperatures were in the low 80’s   purrrfect!

Being involved in a covert operation for an event this week, (no I cannot tell you what this was about or I’ll have to shoot you) I had to go into town and took the opportunity to bring back some pictures of what’s going on in Frankfort during the holiday week. I also have pictures of the clouds at sunset.

The carnival is in town.  It looks pretty and colorful.  They have “put down stakes” across the street from the Bayview Grille.  It smelled like cotton candy and popcorn.

Loading the Ferris Wheel

not much going on yet, the rides just opened this afternoon…

I was on the way home, crossing the bridge across Betsie Bay, when I saw the beautiful sky.
But first a picture of the train that’s located in the park in Elberta, where the Thursday market is held.
They painted the train – it looks wonderful

Looking towards the Conundrum Cafe’

Looking toward Frankfort

Martha Stewart came to Town

I could not believe my eyes today when I looked into the new Martha Stewart Living Magazine (the one with the red, white and blue cookies on the cover) only to find one of our local cherry growers – North Star Organics– featured on page 84.  There is even a picture of  Emily Kobernik, she use to babysit our boys occasionally and later she worked at  the Trick Dog Gallery.

Frankfort is going on the map!

Me thinks it is too cool.

The Lake Express

Today was the day for the Lake Express to take anyone who had $ 10 across Lake Michigan on a high speed ferry.  Lake crossing takes about 90 minutes.   Mike went up to Frankfort to relieve our CVB Director from taking money and letting her go on the ride.  I was busy with a bunch of golfers at the Wayfarer, trying to get them off to their scheduled game at Arcadia Bluffs

Feast your eyes on the pictures Mike took for me:

Look at all the people waiting to get on the boat!

standing in line…

Ummmm….not for me. I would not feel good on that choppy lake, no matter how large the barge.

Se the double hull?  The Captain of the Lake Express, retired Coast Guard,  he told Mike that someone in a kayak went between those two hulls while the motor was still running as they arrived here yesterday  😯

Last but not least, a tug boat 🙂

An Old Warrior is coming to Frankfort

The Lynx, "Privateer ship Lynx, just nort...

Image via Wikipedia

The Celebrated War of 1812 Tall Ship LYNX “America’s Privateer”

Will Visit Frankfort, MI.

“Frankfort, MI. July 28, 2011 – All law-abiding and loyal citizens are urged to be vigilant and alert to the presence on your coast of the weatherly, fast, and heavily armed Clipper Schooner Lynx. The 122-foot square top sail schooner Lynx will be sailing into Frankfort for the first time on Thursday, July 28th  at 12:00 pm. Join the flotilla as she fires a salute from her main battery of 6-pounder carronade deck guns upon her grand entrance into Frankfort. “We are very excited for our visit to Frankfort…”

The Privateer Lynx was hired to train the cast and crew of the hit movie Pirates of the Caribbean.

Lynx Schedule: July 28 – 31

Thursday,July 28th  – 12 pm – Grand Arrival with ships guns ablaze.

Public Ship Tours: 2 pm – 5 pm – Pending USCG inspection

Friday, Saturday, Sunday – July 29 – 31

Ship Tours: 10 am – 1 pm – Adults $5.00 ( Children 12 & under FREE accompanied by an adult )

Sailaway: 2 pm – 4 pm – Adults $55.00 – Sr. & Active Military/ID $45 – Children 12 & under $30.00

Sailaway: 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm – Friday & Saturday Only



Sail with us on a Port to Port Passage. Be a part of the crew on this unique experience.

Marquette to Frankfort – Frankfort to Ludington