The Stairs at the End of Grace Road

The stairs to the beach at the end of Grace Road are taking shape.  The estimate is that all the work should be done by the end of July.
I am crossing my fingers and will be happy if the men are done working on the project by mid August ūüėČ

There is the top landing which is big enough to hold a tiki bar. A fun idea, especially since it would make the neighbors on the left side mad.  This deck is big enough for a few people to bring folding chairs and watch the sunset.
These special neighbors took the township to court to halt the building of said stairs. Work stopped for a while but is in full swing again.
The neighbors lost the case! – tra-la-la-laaaa-laaaaaaaaa!!!!!

The second landing is done…

The Frankfort pier and lighthouse and a few fishing boats. It was a hazy, hot day that July 4, 2012.

A few ant size people are splashing in the water

I am bound and determined to organize a celebration for all the neighbors that finally have an easy way to get to the beach without eroding the dune each time they go down and up. Hooray

Easter Sunday in Benzie County

It was a nice, a very nice day in Benzie County.   I lollygagged in my comfy bed until the sun made me get up and of course the hooting and hollering downstairs.  The night before I had hidden the usual Easter eggs Рthe boys expect it and I do it.  So there was the big Easter egg hunt going on.

We spend most of the day at Mike’s mom’s house with his sisters and their kids. ¬†And then, on my way home, I went out of my way to get some pictures for you.

See, it is quiet still. Not many guests here yet; a¬†lot of locals are still on vacation as well. The weather is and has been positively spectacular in the last few weeks. ¬†If this is a sign of things to come this summer…

The beach is in sight

Looking left toward the Elberta dunes. I never tire of these views.

Some fishing going on around the Frankfort Lighthouse

One lonely fishing boat in the harbor heading out

Then I drove to the Elberta look-out

Two adventurers strolling along the Elberta pier.

And the last picture is of Betsie Lake

I hope everyone had a peaceful and ¬†Happy Easter…

The House in the Dunes

We met Kathy and Jan the first year we owned the Wayfarer.¬† They were staying with us whenever they came to look at their property and later while building their new home up in the dunes above Lake Michigan.¬†¬† I remember in the beginning they brought lawn chairs and put them where they imagined their deck would be.¬† Well now they have their deck high above the Lake…

Coming up to the catwalk bridging the gorge

The location is so fantastic.  Sitting in that dining room after the sun goes down, watching the freighters going by on the horizon. Magical.

See the Frankfort Lighthouse down there?

Our very good friends Jan and Kathy ūüôā