Crystal Gardens – ahhhhhh

Yesterday I stopped in at Crystal Gardens.  Being there is always so wonderful.  Everything is manicured, the green houses are stuffed with beautiful plants.  Butterflies are dancing around one’s head, the smells are so sweet – I love being there.

When I got out of the car, I could hear the peacocks and peahens screaming but I didn’t see them.  I slunk past the “Barn Swallow”  and went in search of little things for my flower boxes. Of course I found them and so much more.
Ochhhhh, to hold on to your wallet at any nursery is tough but here, it’s near impossible.

2013-06-05 14.07.02

It had started to rain and yours truly was not prepared. I got wet. This lady was prepared.

2013-06-05 13.53.32

2013-06-05 13.53.44

2013-06-05 13.54.15

2013-06-05 13.54.28

piles and piles of these colorful pottery.

2013-06-05 14.02.57

2013-06-05 14.03.15

2013-06-05 14.03.55

2013-06-05 14.04.24

2013-06-05 14.05.25

2013-06-05 14.06.39

2013-06-05 14.06.48

Could you resist buying something here?

The Beach this Morning

It is so dry and hot this summer, my flower boxes, even with the help of twice daily watering, are having a tough time making me happy.  So today, for the first time this season,  I bought Miracle Grow 😯

My plan was to keep my flowers fed with the help of a daily dose of coffee grounds. That actually works very well but now my flowers are pooped.

Long story short, I went into Frankfort to the Hardware store on Main Street and got the stuff.  One never goes into Frankfort without making the loop at the end of Main Street.

The beach was deserted this morning at 9:30.  Some birds were at the water’s edge and there were 2 guys playing with their paddle boards


Grey vs. green and shady

The beach is only about 600 yards away and the stairs are really almost done. Yay


Here at the Wayfarer,

in our

we are

to see you and where we

you with open arms

We recommend that you :

and have cocktails either here or in one of the area’s great restaurants

Official Wayfarer greeters


We try to delight you with

I am sure can understand that I was shocked to see this morning that one of my newly planted flower boxes had fallen down on the job.

I couldn’t believe it and neither could the little Pekin Duck.

Our house carpenter, a.k.a. Mike, is in Alaska until Thursday – the repairs have to wait until he feels up to it next weekend

I have started

I have planted all the window boxes and the little flower pots.  Now I need not forget to water the little beauties and the pots and boxes should fill in quite nicely.  There are still herbs to be bought and I am looking for thyme and sage to fill in the blanks and maybe even some chives for interest and for the guests to use when cooking. 

But I repeat myself, I think 🙂

We will start with
‘Talking Rocks’
They are located in the soap dish of the old sink in front of cottage 1

The old sink

The office window

The box at cottage 8
See that cute little mocha pot?  It came from Mariah’s junk/”mosaic-ing” box – she let me have it 🙂

And here is the box at cottage 9.
I love the way that the moss grew all around it and it didn’t take long at all. Two or three summers and voila’ it looks great.  See the little guy?  He has moss coming out of it’s turban.
Note to Mariah: See, Toots, this little guy is cute after all!

To be continued

How to enjoy a day

That’s easy- down with the linens,  put away the cleaning bucket and go for a ride out to Putney’s Nursery in Arcadia.  After all, the weather is so nice and it is time to fill the flower boxes on the cottages. I didn’t get lucky at the nursery, instead I had a blast taking these pictures for you.
I walked along the beach of Lake Michigan and around the orchards and drove all over Arcadia.

Then I went home and pretended to have worked hard all day.

click on each picture once to expand it and then again to see all the details!

Flower boxes

Yippeeeee, I found my camera.  No, Marc found my camera.  Mike offered him all that he had in his wallet to return the camera to me and wouldn’t you know it, the camera was in Mike’s truck.  I left it there last Thursday.


Ok, this one still looked alright so I didn’t mess with it.

fall kitchen window box


I have found the perfect home for Sassy McQuackerson and Maisy for the winter

office window box

Looks a little like …the pumpkins are too small, maybe?


Flower box/fish tank by cottage 2 a.k.a. Chickadee Chalet   😉



Ok, that about does it.  Today the sun was out in full force and it was nice and warm.  Very enjoyable.

My favorite flower box

The flowerbox by cottage 9

The flower box by cottage 9
I don’t know why it looks so much better than any of the others this year.

As I sit here writing this post, I can’t remember if I have already talked about my favorite flower box this summer.   This flower box turned out so great, I took a number of pictures so that, next year, I would not forget how pretty it looked and what all was in it that made it look so pretty.

No box ever looks the same as another. That is because I can’t stop myself from buying everything I see.  I buy one or two of everything and then stick that into the boxes.  Maybe it is because Sharon, who currently occupies this cottage with her husband Tom, takes such good care of the flowers. For the last 10 days she’s been doting on those pretty things.  I wish other guests would do the same and feel a little more hands-on.

Often I can’t go and water flower boxes because when I finally have time to do it, the guests are home and I don’t want to bother them or for them to think that I am there to snoop.

One year I planted all herbs and edible flowers in all of the boxes. That was wonderful too and a lot less expensive than flowers. I might do that again next season and maybe I should leave little reminders in the boxes for people to pick what they need for their dinner that night.

the left side of the box with fish :)
the left side of the box with fish 🙂
The right side of the flower box

The right side of the flower box

The stroller

The stroller