It’s that time again…

Once again it is time to show some of the flowers.  I am somewhat disappointed with my inability 😯 to take beautiful pictures and to learn to take better pictures.
Some of these are rather washed out, because the sun is so bright today.  In your mind’s eye, please envision these with vibrant colors 😆

Hmmm,  this one is still deciding whether it wants to look good or just hang out and make no effort.

also not quite filled in yet are the little pots on cottages 1 through 6 (but getting there nicely)

The sink in front of # 1. There’s some Thyme in there as well as Lavender and other assorted orphans…

The sink is kind of a catch-all this year.  Ummm, did I say that last year as well?

Now comes the box by cottage 9

This box is always my favorite. The moss grew so nicely all around the outside of it.
I have planted mint, sage, pansies and nasturtiums in there for a salad and a drink 😆

Looks like a hot mess but really isn’t – the box on cottage 2

Cottage 8 – rosemary, sage, parsley – no thyme …

I can’t get enough, I want you to see each and every leaf, hehe

Is it 5 o’clock yet?

Cottage 7. Hmmmm, cilantro – not doing well in any of the boxes…

Another brilliant day today. The guests are out and on the beach and some brought their boat and are going fishing in Lake Michigan tonight

I have some fish pictures

Cindy and Dave who stayed at the Wayfarer over Labor Day Weekend, were kind enough to invite Marc to go on a fishing charter with them.   Here are the pictures to prove that they are real fishermen/women

Cindy and Dave

Cindy and Dave

Marc loving every minute of this trip

Marc loving every minute of this trip

crank it...

crank it…

Steelhead caught by Marc

Steelhead caught by Marc

very pretty    🙂

Cindy and Dave left Monday morning and forgot to take their fish. It is in my freezer waiting for instructions from them on what to do with it.

Now wait a minute,
There had to be more pictures of different fish,
I know that they didn’t
just catch this one steelhead

August 8, 2009 004