I have some fish pictures

Cindy and Dave who stayed at the Wayfarer over Labor Day Weekend, were kind enough to invite Marc to go on a fishing charter with them.   Here are the pictures to prove that they are real fishermen/women

Cindy and Dave

Cindy and Dave

Marc loving every minute of this trip

Marc loving every minute of this trip

crank it...

crank it…

Steelhead caught by Marc

Steelhead caught by Marc

very pretty    🙂

Cindy and Dave left Monday morning and forgot to take their fish. It is in my freezer waiting for instructions from them on what to do with it.

Now wait a minute,
There had to be more pictures of different fish,
I know that they didn’t
just catch this one steelhead

August 8, 2009 004

Dinner at the Coho Cafe’


Most of you know that the Coho Cafe is one of my very favorite restaurants in this area.  We love what they offer, we love the location, the set up, the food.  It’s not pretentious only delicious.   For an appetizer I had the scallops with orange salsa, followed by seared yellow tail tuna, which they left “un-seared” for me. I don’t like cooked fish too much.  Everything was scrumptious.  Mike had a steak with smashed potatoes which he loved. Our friend Jan had the special which was some fish wrapped and steamed in grape leaves, she loved it.  Kathy had the duck and she enjoyed that very much.  For desert Kathy  and I each had the chocolate bread pudding. Yummmmm…

As usual, my greedy self forgot to take pictures of the food.  I can assure you it was all good 😉

Below, the restaurant as seen from my seat.  Looking towards the bar.  See the 3 boys in the picture?  They were part of a group of 7 kids and one adult.  The adult was from Australia, he had his son with him and 6 of his friends, who all live in Singapore.  The Australian had come here  to visit friends a few  days ago, loved it so much, he bought a house on Crystal Lake.  Must be nice to turn around and buy a property for a million dollars or more as a vacation home.  I can only dream.



Jan, Mike and Kathy

Jan, Mike and Kathy (I am not sure why I had such a hard time getting a good picture of Jan, she made all kinds of faces all night long, heehee)  I have a really bad one which I shall keep in my photo library for use at a later date 😉

Main Street facing east. Pretty busy

Main Street facing east. Pretty busy already.

In short, do not miss eating lunch or dinner at the Coho Cafe’.  They don’t have a website but who cares.  Their menu is wonderful, the service is wonderful, the food is wonderful and the drinks are outstanding.

Go there!


It is located in downtown Frankfort, across the street from Moomers ice
cream shop and next to the Book Store!

Dorothy’s Birthday

Frankfort woke up to bright sunshine again this morning.  The weatherman said it would be sunny all weekend. Perfect, we have a few anglers coming to stay with us this weekend for some steel head fishing today and because it is my mother in law Dorothy’s birthday today.  Anyone that has had lunch at Dinghy’s on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays knows Dorothy.  She has been a waitress there for the last few years.  I want to say 10 years, I have to ask her. There is a tradition in this family to call the birthday person as early in the day as possible without waking anyone. Not before 7 am to be sure!  I forgot until about 10 minutes ago.  She told me I was the last one to call 😦   I’ll try and do better next year.


Dorothy-this must have been some Halloween thing 😉 She won't like it that I posted this one, heehee


Dorothy aka Mom with her husband Fuzz

I did not go for a walk this morning because LuAnn could not walk and I didn’t feel like it.  There is much to do on a Friday here at the Wayfarer.  First of all, Cindy comes on Fridays to clean my house while I clean the cottages. This means that I have to pick up the house so that Cindy doesn’t have to do it and can concentrate on the real task at hand 😉

Cindy, happy to be here - I hopeCindy, happy to be here – I hope

Fishermen on the Frankfort pierFishermen on the Frankfort pier – the steelhead are in. Yumm.

One of my favorite homes in FrankfortOne of my favorite homes in Frankfort