Farmer’s Markets

No longer are Wednesdays only the middle of the week; Wednesdays are now market days  here in Benzie County as well. Thanks to
“Grow Benzie”
there will be a third farmer’s market in the Frankfort/Benzonia area.
Grow Benzie is a fairly new local organization. Their reason for being is to educate:

Here is their statement:
Grow Benzie is a community farmstead dedicated to enriching the lives of Benzie County residents by fostering self reliance through education in agriculture, nutrition, job training and life skills.  Our site is a demonstration and training center for sustainable gardening and is a symbol of hope from both our past and our future.  Our focus is on Growing Healthy Children and Communities, bringing people back to our “roots” of self sufficiency and taking care of each other.  We believe in the strength of individuals helping one another by bring the benefits of healthy foods through gardening to our community.”

Farmer’s Markets now in Benzie County: 

Wednesdays on 115 at Grow Benzie

Thursdays in Elberta

Saturday in Frankfort in the Open Space


We will all be eating really fresh and good food.
No more excuses!

Missing in Action or I just didn’t have the time

My gosh, it’s been over a month since I have been in touch  😯
Thank you all for the emails and phone calls to see if I was alright.  I am alright, only too busy to get anything done.
I have been incredibly busy with guests all summer.  Thank goodness they were very nice guests, which made my work VERY enjoyable.

So, how about I post some pictures that I have taken these past view weeks.  I have quite a few because where ever I go, the camera comes along…

A few weeks ago, Mike and I went to the Saturday Farmer’s Market in Frankfort

We saw these peaches and took them home

and there, we shared them with the guests 🙂

Have a great day everyone!

Shout out!

Look out everyone, there’s a new Farmer’s Market in town and that’s not all that’s new.  Now we can buy fresh stuff on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

breads and jams 🙂


soaps and salves

Grow Benzie, in its infancy still, it was established in 2009 by some really cool people. Grow Benzie purchased that building with the greenhouses on 115 between Benzonia and Frankfort. It’s a non-profit  organization and they are growing vegetables.
If I remember correctly, their mission is to get everyone into the healthy foods fresh from the fields instead of all the convenience foods most of us consume today.
This is a great idea and I am supporting it not with volunteering [yet]; I am shopping at their Wednesday market.  The first market was held 2 days ago. It was very small but I saw a “steady stream” of customers.

One of the founding members

the garden starts to grow…

This summer they have a really cool event planned which includes, an art exhibit on July 23rd by Melanie Parke and Richard Kooyman
as well asHosea Rosenberg – winner of the Bravo Channel’s Top Chef competition, season 5,  who will prepare some wonderful dishes on July 24th.

Hooray for Farmer’s Markets and living in Benzie County!

Frankfort’s Saturday Market

Yesterday I did not forget to go to town and visit the Saturday market in Frankfort.  I wanted to get  a fresh baguette for the party and maybe a nice salad with edible flowers from Grace.  Grace is my duck egg supplier.  She also sells turkey eggs and of course eggs produced by ordinary white and brown chickens. I only wish that someone would be selling quail eggs.  I love those little treasures.  Anyway, this is not a report on eggs –  it’s the Market report

Two thumbs up for this event, which takes place all year long. During the cold months it’s at the Community Center and after it warms up they move it outdoors next to the Community Center 😉


Maple syrup, I bought some and then went home to make pancakes for the boys.

a lot of crafts at the market nowadays

A lot of crafts at the market nowadays…

Look at the cutest baby hats you've seen in a long time :)
Look at the cutest baby hats you’ve seen in a long time 🙂

Joyce who sells embroidered clothing. She used to weigh me in at Weight Watchers - a long time ago, before it was too late for me

Joyce who sells embroidered clothing. She used to weigh me in at Weight Watchers – a long time ago, before it was too late for me

Mike with Bill Soper, the local stone mason and his girlfriend Connie, the gardener

Mike with Bill Soper, the local stone mason and his girlfriend Connie the gardener, who sells her plants at the market. Ask me about the house that Bill and Connie moved from Frankfort to Elberta and how that ties in with Mike’s bid for County Commissioner in the year 2002.


Kites are perfect for this area. It’s always breezy here and there are no power lines at the beaches.  Kites are perfect for this area 😉
These guys had some really shnazzy ones !

Grace! and below that is one of her many children

Grace!   Grace is a Mennonite.  She home-schools her children who range from 8 to 17 or so.

one of Grace's kids

One of Grace’s kids. All of Grace’s kids always have big smiles on their faces.

See that little cottage behind Grace?  That is the absolute cutest house in town. A single woman lives there.  She has sisters here in town and around Crystal Lake.  Quite a prominent Washington D.C. and Detroit family. I will write about them another time and get a better picture of the cottage in a couple of days, cause I know you want to see it 🙂

Lee, of Roger and Lee and Roxie. I don't know who the guy in the middle is, he just snuck in there, heehee

Lee (of Roger and Lee) and Roxie. I don’t know who the guy in the middle is, he just snuck in there, heehee

And now one more picture of the Mitch Mate III,  I pictured it once already, but didn’t show you the amphibious car on top or at least it wasn’t easy to see or something like that.

Mitch Mate III

And now I have to get pretty because, believe it or not, it is time to pick up LuAnn and her Michael from the airport.   She called last night to see if I was still speaking to her and if I would still pick her up at the airport.  I had to laugh. “Of course I am going to pick you up, you Dork! ”  I said.

Let’s see how they like the ride  – muahahahaahah.

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