For some reason, I thought that camera batteries never wear out.  I would just put it in it’s little charger and use it over and over again.  Well apparently that isn’t so, grrrrrrr…

Until I find the money for a new battery – I have a savings account but it’s only for my Disney trips 😆   hehe –
You’ll have to look at pictures from last fall.

Going west on River Road

Crystal Lake

The back yard.

I may have already written that somewhere but it bears repeating:  the colors are so much brighter this year.  The oranges, reds and yellows are blazing.

This October has 5 weekends and so many days between those weekends, you should come up to Benzie County and visit 😉
Autumn is the best time of year to visit the many wineries and have a taste of their magic!

Weather Report and other news

Late last night, the wind started blowing from the west.   It came through my window in waves – very loud waves of air coming through.  It woke me up a few times but I was too tired to close the window.

For the last couple of days it has been raining hard and leaves have come off the trees.  My car is covered in yellow pine needles and his morning, when Mike and I were rolling the trash cans to the curb, I saw that one of the very big pine trees in front of the cottages had broken in half.  So now there’s half a tree standing there looking pitiful and the other half is laying on the ground.

Another sign that cold season is on its way is the amount of catalogs that have been piling up on my dining room table, hehe

This is the “water hole”  where the boys use to play with their African animals many years ago.  All traffic stopped until they were done playing, lol

Debris and chairs laying around everywhere.  My lantern with it’s glass chimney broke as well

And of course I have to show a picture of the impatiens pots in front of the little cottages.  We have not had any frost,  hence the impatiens are still going strong. Yay!

One last look at the box by # 6 with my homage to the San Francisco drag queens 😉

As some of you know, this is my favorite season and my favorite kind of weather.  However, the weather woman promised us nice, sunny weather starting tomorrow afternoon and going strong through the entire week.  All of this will be wonderful for the Fall Festival starting tomorrow in Beulah 🙂

Our 3 for 2 special is going to go on until we close in early November!!

My Garden

I didn’t have much time this summer to write for you, but I did find the time to take pictures!
How do you feel about reading some summer stories now that fall is here?

This garden belongs to a young family in Elberta, who are renting a home from us.  So, technically I could say “this is my garden” hehe.

It’s perfect and it looks a little like Martha Stewart had something to do with this, doesn’t it?
See for yourself

Everything is orderly, with walk ways. It’s just lovely- really.

There are tiny solar lights all around this garden, it looks beautiful at dusk 🙂

So, what do you think of “my garden”?