Spring Has Sprung at the Wayfarer!

Alright, after our short winter two weeks ago, it’s now officially spring and to my surprise, the daffodils are blooming already.
Yes, yes, only one or two so far but pretty unusual nonetheless.

!Excuse me!

It is only March 20th.  Our sweet daffodils don’t bloom until mid May.
What will this mean in the way of summer weather?  Maybe I should go ahead trust that this will be one of those summers that comes along only once in a blue moon.

Happy Spring everyone!

A Christmas Angel?

Again this year, we had a spectacular Easter Sunday.  It was fairly warm and pleasant. A lot of wind but who cares, when the sun is out.

Easter Sunday means Dinner at Dorothy’s house.  The members of the family that happen to be in the area at the time come to her house for Easter dinner. Mike and the boys are still in Arizona, so I went by myself.  Yummy ham and my favorite sweet potato recipe!!

So, while waiting for everyone to finally get there, I walked around the house and found these little treasures

I think Fuzz is hording rocks :mrgreen:

The first crocus

Lilacs, my favorite

The cute, little cottage across the street from Dorothy and Fuzz’s

Some thing was tunneling under the snow!

A Christmas Angel….WHAT?  A Christmas Angel? 😯
The poor dear must have been forgotten when all the winter stuff was packed away 😦

Ah yes, back to more timely things – daffodils 🙂

Happy Easter everyone

First Signs of Life

What fun to see the snow disappearing!  We’ve had a lot of rain yesterday and through the night.  Most of the snow is now gone. What’s left is this strange-looking, white stuff with a lot of debris on top.  Sometimes that “strange-looking, white stuff” is still there many weeks after the big thaw and when you touch it, it’s dry and powdery. It is only white-ish dirt.

Things that grow on this property are usually 4 weeks behind everyone else.  The Irises bloom in late June,  Daffodils are here in late May…
We are late bloomers 🙂
Imagine my surprise when I saw the first signs of life as I was coming back from pushing  garbage cans to the road.


The first signs of life


Have a fantastic weekend everyone!