Winner of the contest

Good Harbor Bay, Sleeping Bear Dunes

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Carol and Jessie Greenfield

won the Sleeping Bear Dunes DVD.  The answer was indeed


Gotta love a word scramble.  I am so not good at that.

Thank you all for participating.

To the people that have entered and who live far, far away – you must come and see the dunes for yourself.

I am looking at you Hula girl!

I gave every entry a number and then generated a number via the “random number generator”

Contest Time!

Hi every one.  It’s been a long time since
Adventures of an Innkeeper
had a contest AND, we are celebrating the fact that now, if you haven’t already bookmarked the blog’s address,
you can type and get here too.

This time the price is really fantabulous, if I do say so myself.

So, here’s what we’re going to do:

Find the answer to:
What is the name of the movie theater in Frankfort?

Or simply just post a comment of whatever you want to say.
The contest closes this coming Sunday, April 11th, 2010.

At that time I will take everyone’s entry and throw them in a hat.
Enter/comment as many times as you want in the Contest post.
Good luck!

Oh, you would like to know what you’re going to win? hehe

The book that I showed you in this post

1st. Anniversary

I completely forgot, with all the alone time fun I am having, to post an anniversary post yesterday.
Yup, yesterday was the 1st anniversary for this blog, closing out last night with
28,065 visitors.  Not bad.

So here is a look back at how I got started
The first post on April 2, 2009

There was good, old Bear,

and snow covered chairs.

We celebrated birthdays and

I looked at houses and took pictures for you.

You saw sunsets and

the Wayfarer being cleaned up

The first contest and

pictures of the cookies I baked for the contest winner…

Thank you all for staying with me and commenting. Thank you  also

to those of you who commented in emails and in phone calls, you know who you are.

It has been a fun year for me, I hope to keep reporting to you and I hope you’ll stay with me.

Thank you!

I am excited – you might be too

Dear friends,  a brand new book is coming my way and I would like to give it to one of my readers who loves Michigan as much as I do.  You might remember the Pure Michigan sponsored photo contest from last year.  This book is a compilation of all of the best photos that were submitted by various photographers staying here in Benzie County and elsewhere around the state.

The book has arrived in book stores – Merri Heffelfinger, from the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, saw it at Borders the other day…I have one coming and I want you to have it.

Here’s the crux of the story, I cannot think of anything to ask you.  However, I have wet your appetite. Keep looking  for the contest because as soon as I think of something good, the contest begins.

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Film Festival in Frankfort

A new and exciting thing is happening this month right here in Frankfort.

The Garden Theater

is holding it’s
Inaugural Independent Film Festival
on October 23-25, 2009 .
Yes, that’s right, it takes place

In honor of this most excellent event,
the Wayfarer is giving away 2 tickets to the festival
Cottage 6 for that weekend (Friday and Saturday night) to the lucky winner !

So, here’s how we’re going to do this:

Please post your answer in the comment section of this post

Tell me how many feature films were filmed in Michigan in 2008

or if you don’t know the answer,

just say ‘hallo’ <–  with a British accent if you please         :mrgreen:

Every entry counts!



As your entries (enter as many times as you want to) come in,
I’ll assign a number to each of them
and with the help of a random number generator
a winner will be found.
Enter until Friday, October 9, 2009.
The contest closes at 5 PM

Good luck everyone

My computer…

… has been acting up lately. Well not lately, for the last year or so.  But since I rely on it for the business, I have not had the time to “clean it out”.  I think it is quite a process and I am always so afraid to lose things like all the email addresses I have so diligently collected from all of you.

I mean, it would be terrible if I could not get in touch with any one of you to let you know that things are happening on the blog, like a contest or what not, right?  Although I have to confess that I baked for Bella, the last winner of the cookies, only yesterday and only today did I package them. Now, I HAVE to find the time to take that package to the post office and finally send them to her.  She’s probably miffed at me for making her wait so long.

So anyway, today, as though he had been summoned by me, Dave Penne knocks on the kitchen door.  I was so thrilled to see him.  He’s a good friend, although we are not in touch very often. He is so busy and he has 2 daughters and a wife who like to spend time with him – go figure.   Dave has been helping me when I got things screwed up with the computer or when I have questions or, or, or.

Dave Penne

Dave Penne (I caught him by surprise)
For some reason, maybe the fluorescent lights, the pictures in that room are always green, blech!

Sometimes Dave complains about my messy office.  It’s the room/pantry right next to the kitchen. I have made a great mess of it.  Everything gets dropped there as I come from the cottages – I deposit things there to be picked up and put away in it’s proper place later.  “Later” seldom happens during the summer.
Mike asked Cindy not to dust under the desk anymore because she and the broom are pretty rough and often disconnect electronics from where they should be plugged in.  Also, I don’t do well with paperwork. I have notes and things everywhere on that desk.  It is a wonder that I have not drowned in cellulose, heehee

ehhhh...the errr....desk :)

ehhhh…the errr….desk 🙂

The wall behind the desk, yikes

The wall behind the desk, yikes

hmmm...I am writing this post

hmmm…I am writing this post

Now I think it is much better to have the cottages clean for you than have a sparkling office, don’t you think?

Dave fixed what was wrong with the computer and wireless, we are in perfect working condition.  Thank you Dave 🙂

Yahooooo or Yeeehaaawww…

We have a winner!
A lucky someone won the batch of
Frankfort’s finest cookies
in my latest giveaway.

errr....I know I was a little late. I got so engrossed in Hillary Swanks biography on the Bravo channel and then I got a hold of the remote control and channel surfed here and there and suddenly I was late. I am never late. I am sorry

errr....I know I was a little late. I got so engrossed in Hillary Swanks biography on the Bravo channel and then I got a hold of the remote control and channel surfed here and there and suddenly... I was late. I am never late. I am sorry 😳

Here is how we found you.  First I went to look for Mike’s hat

the hat

I turned it upside down and threw all the little slips with everyones names in it and then Mike pulled the winner.

names in the hat

One slip says “Hula Hootch”  that’s my friend Michele from Luisiana.  Just in case you were wondering what that was all about. She’s the one that voted to add mint to the garden.

the winner

What does that say?  I can’t see.


Couldn’t have happen to a nicer man.  Congratulations.

Please don’t do what Holly U. did  and hide the cookies from the family 😉

A very big ‘Thank you’ to everyone who participated.  I am hoping to get this kitchen garden off the ground or in the ground this year.  Someone is repairing our rototiller and a few of my friends are eager to get started.  We are looking to get a tiny green house from Baver Herbs, who sadly went out of business last year. This green house is about the size of the smallest cottage here.  Does that not sound too cute? Wish us luck.

Dear Mr. C. (from Indiana) –  Martha Stewart calls it a kitchen garden.  I want to be Martha, alas, I’ll never make it.

I’d like to think that we will incoporate every single one of your suggestions 🙂