Morning Coffee with Pictures

Good morning everyone!

Sitting on the front porch on this foggy, quiet Wayfarer – Wednesday morning, I thought you might want to see what we see today…

My favorite cup. I brought it back from Germany so very many years ago.  It’s got a chip but I don’t care.

2013-05-28 21.24.24

2013-05-28 21.20.35

2013-05-28 21.22.51

2013-05-28 21.19.40


The weather man said the fog would burn off this afternoon and he promised a nice and sunny afternoon. Yay!

The Trouble with Bathroom Accoutrements

Of course you can imagine that we have guests who show up every year like clock work and quite often several times a year.  We love these guests because they feel like family coming to see us.
The following guest blogger Rusty and his wife – Beth – are just such guests.

“When we arrived at Wayfarer Lodgings, we found that our toilet paper holder was taken apart. The rod was sitting on the sink ledge. There was a conspicuous absence of the bathroom product. All we could figure was that Iris was experimenting with a new way to encourage guests to pay upon arrival. No pay-no paper. Since we always pay soon after arrival, this was not a problem for us. Neither of us were dealing with urgent biological issues. We strolled over to the office, paid our due, and requested a couple of rolls of toilet paper. Iris wasn’t sure whether she should be horrified that she had left the situation for us to find, or pleased that she had discovered a way to encourage guests to pay upon arrival.As an aid to our friend Iris, we left two rolls of toilet paper purchased at the local supermarket on the kitchen table. Maybe she had mercy on the guests who followed us.


This is not the only thing I forget but it is one of the more important things I forget.  Sometimes it’s the coffee that gets forgotten, sometimes it’s the towels or the soaps but I forget to place enough toilet paper in the cottages most of the time.

I forget so often that Mike once told a guest “If she forgets again, she’ll be fired”.   That guest looked shocked 😯  He thought that he had gotten me into trouble with the boss.  Need I tell you that I am Large Marge in Charge?


And for your amusement another TP story:

Coffee at the Wayfarer

A photo of a cup of coffee. Esperanto: Taso de...

A cup of coffee!

I went grocery shopping today. Whilst putting all the new stuff away, I had to shuffle around some of the old stuff.  And of course, a bag of ground coffee fell onto the stove. The stove got excited and turned on and burned a huge hole into said bag.  I lifted the bag off the stove and all the coffee spilled everywhere




Ok folks, that’s all.  I thought someone might be interested in today’s disaster.  Everyday something else…


Oh and before I forget it,  those curtains I made for cottage 3 yesterday – measure twice and cut once is a something to think about!
Yes, they are too short




Have a great cup of coffee to start your day!

😆   😆   😆

Comedy of Errors

Oh dear, I don’t even know how to begin.  We had quite the weekend. We were bussssssy.  Have I got an adventure to tell you about…

Names of 2/3 of the participants have been changed, because I don’t remember them 😆

As most of you know, cottages 1, 2 and 3 are interchangeable and sometimes it works out better for the calendar to move guests around among them.  This weekend it worked out better to put Nancy into cottage # 3 rather than # 1 where she was originally suppose to be.
Error # 1: I didn’t decide that, though, until after I had also rented cottages # 2 and 3 to a brother and sister, let’s call them Jack and Jill, to come in 2 days after Nancy –
Jack came in the afternoon to check into both #’s 1 and 2 ( I told him that I had changed the order) but he forgot to tell Jill about the change. Error # 2:  Jack should have taken the keys for 1 and 2 but didn’t. Had he taken the keys, Jill would have known which cottage was hers 😉

Nancy returns home, gets busy with something in her cottage # 3.
Error # 3: She closes the door and forgets to take the key out of the door.

Jack returns and makes himself  at home in cottage 1. He shnoozes and possibly snores comfortably in his cozy cottage.
Jill finally gets home around 2 AM and promptly goes to “her” cottage.  She turns the key and finds Nancy in her bed ? 😯

Finally, I was told on Sunday morning, things got straightened out and all was well. Jill now knows that her cottage is #2.

🙂   Good Night everyone   🙂

But wait, here comes problem # 4.  No heat in Jill’s cottage!   Jill’s cottage was cold.  It appeared as though the last guest had taken the heater with him, hehe.
Sheesh, first a lot of my pillows disappear from the cottages all summer long and now heaters are absconded with.  Nothing is safe anymore…

Thank goodness Nancy missed her cottage key and got dressed to retrieve it from Jill who had taken it with her rather than leaving it with Nancy. This was a actually a good thing, because Nancy located the baseboard heater for Jill!

I hope you could keep up with this convoluted story

What a fun story to wake up to and giggle about on a sunny Sunday morning, coffee in hand…
This could have gone seriously wrong with less easy going guests