The Doughnut Sandwich!

Before the work started at the Wayfarer this past weekend, Marc fixed himself a sandwich

Then the men went to work on mowing the lawn, picking weeds out of my flowerbeds and cleaning up generally all around the property.  It was a good weekend, very productive.
Mike did most of the work and I appreciate it, the place looks great.

Now how come after all that, the lawn needs mowing AGAIN?   It’s like laundry, dishes, dusting, blech…every 5 minutes it needs doing again.

The chickens were the only ones who were  just laying around 😛

First there always is a huge mess

See, he’s happy to do the work. No need for me to feel guilty

Peonies and weeds

Hmmmm, I feel a sculpture coming…

And now it looks beautiful

my favorite rose

Ok, Marc didn’t eat that doughnut sandwich, he wanted to but I smacked him into reality

My computer…

… has been acting up lately. Well not lately, for the last year or so.  But since I rely on it for the business, I have not had the time to “clean it out”.  I think it is quite a process and I am always so afraid to lose things like all the email addresses I have so diligently collected from all of you.

I mean, it would be terrible if I could not get in touch with any one of you to let you know that things are happening on the blog, like a contest or what not, right?  Although I have to confess that I baked for Bella, the last winner of the cookies, only yesterday and only today did I package them. Now, I HAVE to find the time to take that package to the post office and finally send them to her.  She’s probably miffed at me for making her wait so long.

So anyway, today, as though he had been summoned by me, Dave Penne knocks on the kitchen door.  I was so thrilled to see him.  He’s a good friend, although we are not in touch very often. He is so busy and he has 2 daughters and a wife who like to spend time with him – go figure.   Dave has been helping me when I got things screwed up with the computer or when I have questions or, or, or.

Dave Penne

Dave Penne (I caught him by surprise)
For some reason, maybe the fluorescent lights, the pictures in that room are always green, blech!

Sometimes Dave complains about my messy office.  It’s the room/pantry right next to the kitchen. I have made a great mess of it.  Everything gets dropped there as I come from the cottages – I deposit things there to be picked up and put away in it’s proper place later.  “Later” seldom happens during the summer.
Mike asked Cindy not to dust under the desk anymore because she and the broom are pretty rough and often disconnect electronics from where they should be plugged in.  Also, I don’t do well with paperwork. I have notes and things everywhere on that desk.  It is a wonder that I have not drowned in cellulose, heehee

ehhhh...the errr....desk :)

ehhhh…the errr….desk 🙂

The wall behind the desk, yikes

The wall behind the desk, yikes

hmmm...I am writing this post

hmmm…I am writing this post

Now I think it is much better to have the cottages clean for you than have a sparkling office, don’t you think?

Dave fixed what was wrong with the computer and wireless, we are in perfect working condition.  Thank you Dave 🙂

Apples, Cottages and Raspberries

I didn’t write yesterday because I had one visitor after another.  First came Kathy who finally wanted to learn how to email attachments so that she could email those amazing hang-glider pictures to me.  She works with an Apple lap top and I must say,  I miss the right click function on that one. I don’t know if that was a problem with her computer or if that’s what it is with Apple.  If it’s Apple specific, then I would not want one.

Anyhow, then came the young lady (a classmate of my boys) who wants to clean for me.  So, I tried to interview her and show her around while Kathy was there. That was a bit hectic.
After Kathy had left, LuAnn called to see if I was up for a visit.  I was 🙂
While all this visiting was going on, Brionna – my little helper, stepped right up and cleaned 3 cottages for me.  She did a fantastic job and I hope she enjoyed being here, because SHE IS HIRED.

Then it was late enough for me to go and shop for dinner,  Mike was home before I got back from the store and that was my day.  So you see, no time to write.

I went around today and took some pictures.  Here they are:

Our annual purchase - a new hammock. All the kids and most adults love to lay or play in that thing

Our annual purchase – a new hammock. All the kids and most adults love to lay or play in that thing

The perfect tree. Mike wants to cut it down :(

The perfect tree. Mike wants to cut it down 😦

cool huh?

cool huh?

Some planting going on right thereSome planting going on right there.

strange looking hydrangea. This little beauty was thought to be dead, so I planted the hydrangea. Aparently it's alive and kicking :)

strange looking hydrangea. This little beauty was thought to be dead, so I planted the hydrangea. Apparently it’s alive and kicking 🙂
Yes, yes I see the grass.  Boys will be weeding here this afternoon 😉

Blackberries and raspberries

Blackberries and raspberries.

As I type the word “raspberries”  I have to think about a woman here in town, who among other things, advertises “Rasberrys”  on a big sign outside of her yard.  I don’t think anyone has ever told her that there’s a slight problem with that.  The same sign is out every summer.