The Squirrel and the Chickens

We have the most entertaining little red squirrel living in the pine trees across from my kitchen window.  Over the summer he methodically took every piece of tassel off one of our deck chairs.  When he ran out of tassel to filch, he proceeded to take apart a shop towel. Somehow, though, he lost his patience with the slow process of pulling strand by strand, he proceeded to yank on the towel until, finally, it dislodged from where it was wedged in the John Deere trailer.  He grabbed the shop towel and shlepped it up the maple tree.  It was the funniest sight because the towel was about 4 times the size of this tiny squirrel.

Fast forward to today.  In front of the chicken’s run, there is a little toy shopping cart – a guest must have left it there, and we haven’t put it back into the sandbox.  So there it is and there are the chickens.  Somehow, now there is a shop towel in this little shopping cart as well.  I have no idea how it got there or who put it in there.  The squirrel comes to get this one too.  But the chickens will not have it.  There is, at this moment a dance going on where all 3 chickens are hovering together right there where the cart is, spreading their wings to scare the squirrel, and the squirrel is jumping around like a boxer in the ring, trying not to be seen or shushed away by the hens.

It is the most entertaining spectacle and, how could it be any other way, I do not have a camera ready to go and my phone is out of “juice”

Pandemonium in the Coop

Yes, the chickens cackle loudly.  Sometimes really early in the morning, making one think that they are channeling a rooster, and sometimes they cackle in the afternoon. It can get pretty annoying if you don’t know what is going on.  This morning, however, was a bit different. The girls sounded downright angry




This guy was hopping around on the top of the run, eyeing what could be a good meal…


We think it’s a red-tailed hawk





Open for Business!

Yes, the sign is up and we are open for business.  Should be a good crop again this year, and prices are low.

So come on down or up and start weeding 😉


Looks a mess but is really quite pretty and cottage-garden-ish in real life 😉


I cannot keep the Oregano at bay. Thank goodness the chickens like munching on it

From Chicks to Hens

It’s time that I report on the chickens.  So many guests have checked in these past few weeks who hadn’t been here since the baby chicks arrived at the Wayfarer.

These little, yellow, brown and black little puffballs grew into magnificent pets.

We have
Esmeralda – she looks like a gypsy with a golden necklace
Tootsie – she sports 1 golden toe
Snow White – not as white as one might think
Murgatroyd – she’s the whitest of them all
Mrs. Brown – no description needed
and last but not least:
Grumpy – she’s mostly not too happy

Mike built them a gorgeous coup and run, well, see for yourself…

Sitting on grapevines enjoying some afternoon sun today

Wayfarer chicks swinging

The coop was finished with the help of some [carpenter] guests who helped with the roof pitch design

2014-09-06 14.58.54

Yes, they have a picture window. Not that they make use of it, they only go inside to lay their daily eggs

2014-09-07 15.15.47

Ohh Ohh, and when there are less than 6 eggs some day, Mike always wants to cook one of my chickens.  Does he not realize that they have names????

Wayfarer eggs

I am baaaaaack

2014-06-02 19.39.08


2014-06-02 19.40.02

2014-06-02 19.40.40

2014-06-04 14.11.37

Hi everyone!

I thought that I should take up writing here again.  My friend Art said that I should and post pictures, of course 🙂

So, for the first time since September 2nd, 2013 here we go

We have chickens now.  Yes, you know how I wanted fancy, shmancy chickens for a long time. Somewhere in the archives is an entry about it.  Anyway, we now have chickens. 6 of them and they are not fancy nor shmancy, they are production chickens.  They lay eggs. Not yet but sometime in the next few months.

It came about when one day I went to a big box store and saw this adorable chicken coop. It is adorable but not large enough for anything, lol.  Mike was not thrilled but he always lets me do whatever I want, and I wanted the coop and 6 chickens.

They have grown from tiny, little, yellow puffballs into big hens.

Mike now is enamored. He wants 9 more chickens and brand new ones next year to have 2 flocks. Oy.
He has been working on plans to build a mansion for the chickens old and new. He is working out how he can get water and food out there in the wintertime.  All around, he has lots of fun with them.

Yesterday we let them out of their yard into the big wide word for a lengthy amount of time. And he became a chicken herder. I wish I had video to show you.

Anyway, this was just to warn you that we have chickens now. Their names are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6



Road Trip!

This morning we decided that a road trip to some nurseries was something we needed to do as well as get some really wonderful farm fresh eggs …

We use to always go to Putney’s nursery, remember that?  but Jane Putney suddenly died last November and the nursery is no longer open.

Pleasanton Valley Nursery


Three day old piglets with their momma

Big momma pig, waiting for her piglets to be born shortly

this one is expecting piglets too

Mr. Powers, his son and Mike

Patti packing my eggs

We had a good morning.  Mike bought a tremendous amount of tomatoes, 48 plants, he got onions, yellow and red and of course potatoes.

I got more stuff for flower boxes and flower beds and of course we secured Sunday breakfast with the incredible eggs from Mr. Powers and Patti

The Doughnut Sandwich!

Before the work started at the Wayfarer this past weekend, Marc fixed himself a sandwich

Then the men went to work on mowing the lawn, picking weeds out of my flowerbeds and cleaning up generally all around the property.  It was a good weekend, very productive.
Mike did most of the work and I appreciate it, the place looks great.

Now how come after all that, the lawn needs mowing AGAIN?   It’s like laundry, dishes, dusting, blech…every 5 minutes it needs doing again.

The chickens were the only ones who were  just laying around 😛

First there always is a huge mess

See, he’s happy to do the work. No need for me to feel guilty

Peonies and weeds

Hmmmm, I feel a sculpture coming…

And now it looks beautiful

my favorite rose

Ok, Marc didn’t eat that doughnut sandwich, he wanted to but I smacked him into reality