Bathing Suit Weather !

It was 42 degrees this afternoon at 4 o’clock and the sun was shining bright.

Susan Filipiak requested photos of  The Lake.  I thought you might want to see what Betsie Bay looks like in late winter.
Tomorrow I will drive down to the Frankfort beach, I promise  🙂

Click on each picture to zoom in a little more.

Standing at the Betsie Valley Trail Head, looking toward the Cabbage Shed in Elberta

Same spot as above looking toward the East.

So many seagulls sitting on the ice flows.  My new camera doesn’t zoom as nicely as my others.  This is as good as it gets…

Pictures from the bridge

As I came back from my daily grocery shopping spree in Frankfort,  and I was half way across Betsie Bay, something suddenly grabbed me and I pulled over.   I stopped to take a picture or two or three.  There wasn’t much traffic, the school buses had already delivered their treasures – it was ok to stop.

Betise Bay with marshmallow topping a.k.a. ice floes :mrgreen:

Looking in the direction of the red barn on M-22


Looking towards the Cabbage Shed in Elberta

Looking toward Frankfort



And here we are looking towards the house of my friends Kathy and Jan

See the house on top of the dune?  That house belongs to Rena Rose and her husband, whose name I cannot recall at the moment. Strange, huh?

The other night at the Cabbage Shed

Kathy and Jan asked us to join them at the Cabbage Shed in Elberta for a night of good food and good music.  It is always fun to go to the Cabbage Shed.  The headliners were Sally Rogers and Claudia Schmidt.   Folk music with lots of klapping and a good size crowd of mostly locals made for a fun evening.  The Cabbage Shed is  the only place I know of where there’s this sort of entertainment.  Other places have music, dance music with cover bands, but nothing original.

I tried to take pictures of Sally and Claudia but they all came out blurry.

So instead I give you this threesome:

Kathy, Mike and Jan

Kathy, Mike and Jan

the stage being prepared

The stage being prepared  Jim Klapp talking to Sally Rogers


Oye, I have to get over this fear of posting pictures of myself.  Not pretty -what can I say?
Looks like Mike is trying to help out by pulling my tripple chin back.
It didn’t work   🙄

I should not forget to tell you what we had for dinner.   Kathy, Mike  and I ordered the Borscht (is that how it’s spelled?)  to start with; Jan had a salad.  She’s always thinking healthy. Then we  each ordered the Scallops with a beurre blanc sauce.  That was an excellent choice.  Mike had something off the hoof – of course 😉

This year, more than ever before, we have been able to leave the Wayfarer guests to themselves.  Everyone has been here so many times, for goodness sakes, when someone needs a plunger or some more tp, they all know where to find it 🙂