How The Wayfarer Got Its Name

Quite a few of our guests think that the Wayfarer got its name from the title of a book. Quite a few of you have sent me these books.  Once, even, a box with 10 of them arrived. They were beautifully gift wrapped, one by one and numbered.  1 copy for each cottage. They had been found, purchased and wrapped by Douglas David – the painter who is responsible for our logo.  And just recently another book found its way to our mailbox; this one from a sweet family that has been here only once so far, but they’re coming back this summer 🙂

Wayfarer book

Until the 70’s (I don’t know the exact year)  the cabins were “Benson’s Fisherman’s Cabins”.  Later they belonged to the Pattyn family.  Guess what they were called then.   “Pattyn’s Place Motel”.
In 1983,  Andre and Walter Emig bought the place and named it “Wayfarer Motel”.  And they named it after a figurine named “The Wayfarer”.  A wayfarer, of course, is a traveler but this one looks like a hobo.

wayfarer figurine

Tami Hoag

If you have gone to the  book store or even your grocery store, Walgreens and other assorted variety stores, you have seen the name Tami Hoag.  She has local, Benzie County,  connections.  I know her niece and so do you…

Melina Penne is her niece!  You saw Melina’s picture in the Thursday Night Lights post.

When you see her in this interview, she acts and looks exactly like Melina’s youngest daughter Camry

Ok this post is to prove to you
that I do know people
who know
famous people