A Splendid Day

Today was a splendid day indeed.

april 20132

No, the sun didn’t shine 😦
It rained hard this afternoon.  And that’s actually a welcome sight.  Finally, the snow is moving west.  West you say?  Yes, I heard there was a blizzard somewhere in Colorado today…

What I feel is so great about this day is the concert outside.  Oh there was singing and swooping and nest-building going on;  a huge herd of deer was feeding in the backyard. Of course, you guessed it, by the time I took out my camera, the herd was on the move again.

Welcome back to the Wayfarer – magnificent singers 🙂

Different Kinds of Guests

Another gorgeous day in paradise.  The weather could NOT be better and we have a houseful of happy guests this week.  Some are here for the weekend, some are here for the week. All of them seem to be happy.  I know this because they are laughing 😆

The first guest this morning was a little bird taking a bath

Ok, maybe not a guest, but a really pretty mosaic pot made for me by my friend Joanne Bartley.

I finally planted the box under the kitchen window

A group of happy campers right below.

Good morning all…

A moth came to visit us at the office door

I thought you might want to see just how large this moth is

I must say, as I am sitting here typing this, I hear laughter all around me. There are different groups of people sitting outside of their cottages , having a nice time. I am sure that the unknown guest who gave the Wayfarer such a bad review on Trip Adviser.com for exactly that, would be very perturbed and unhappy to see this right about now…too bad.

The birdhouse in the peachtree


This is one of the birdhouses that are hanging in the dead Elberta peach tree behind cottage 7.   Sarah and Rob and their two cute kids stayed there a few weeks ago and Rob took this picture for me.  I am having it framed.

The original idea was to hang all the birdhouses that Dorothy, my mother in law, thinks I collect (heehee) on that tree sort of as an art piece.  A sculpture if you will.  That is why there are cherries hanging in the peach tree as well.
Very artsy fartsy, don’t you think?
I never expected any birds building their nests in these but some did.  The first ones to be occupied were the two boots that are in the tree, the next ones were the little birch bark houses.  I don’t have pictures of them, I think they were swept away by the winds.