Gwen Frostic – a Benzie County Treasure

I am excited to tell you all that Gwen Frostic’s, after being neglected for many years and finally closed down for 7 months has opened it’s doors again.  Emerged from the mess has this beautiful place that is fun to be in and shop.  All the things that were created while Gwen Frostic was still alive are looking great  – see for yourselves:

It is obvious when driving by (on River Road half way between Benzonia and Elberta) that things have changed here and that there is someone at work who cares and loves this place …

Down at that level the printing is done

Just look at the neat rows of greeting cards, note pads, napkins, place mats, etc.

And there you have it, Gwen Frostic ! Go there and enjoy the art and the bird sanctuary.  Yes, there is a bird sanctuary. I am not sure how much of it is public – just ask.

House for Sale

One of my favorite houses is for sale and the 5 acres behind that house are for sale as well.  Located on River Road close to Benzonia, there it stands high on the hill looking so beautiful.

Ok, that isn’t it, hehe

Here we go:

View from the porch

kitchen. I had to take all the interior shots through the windows.

dining room

living room

The garage…

2000 sq feet on 5 acres = $ 399.900  hmmm…

How to install a sink

One day this spring when Lee, Roxie and I came back from lunch and shopping in Traverse City, we decided to stop at the Crystal Lake Emporium up there on 115 near Benzonia.  Right away she spotted the sink  – I bought it and took it home.  There it laid by the garage – until yesterday when Mike came up with the perfect way to install it in front of cottage 1

(remember to click on each picture to get the best view)

There is even soap in the soap dish

Wayfarer Lodgings soap, see?

ummm, I suppose when it rains, there will be suds?  Maybe I should replace the soap with a rock…

No, it’s not exactly a lesson on sink installations, it is the story of an antique sink that Lee found and I bought, which had to be installed just right :
Mike had Ty dig 2 holes, attached the sink to some posts, dug them 3 feet into the ground et voila…a sink is installed and it doesn’t touch the garage wall 😉