Blueberry Adventures

Today was a fun day.  But it really started 2 days ago when Shari from cottage 9 and two of her boys and I went to pick blueberries in Honor off of Dead Stream Road.  We had a great time and picked quite a few quarts of the most beautiful berries.  They were so ripe and full, they almost jumped into our jugs.
After we came home, I baked a blueberry pie for Shari and her family 😉

Today I wanted to show Tammy, Nate and Helena, from cottage 4, a blueberry patch a lot closer to the Wayfarer than going into Honor.  I went over to cottage 9 and asked Shari’s boys if they wanted to come along and they did. Yay.
I was sure that I knew how to get there via my shortcut.   Ummmmmmm, I missed a turn and we drove around “sightseeing” for a while until my brain engaged and I figured out how to find the berries patch.

After we came home, I baked a blueberry pie for my family 😉

Cottage kid

Cottage kids hard at work

that’s the pie I baked for us

mmmmmm pie


This is a great summer with some fantastic guests and more fantastic guests to come. Looking forward to quite a few old Wayfarer friends to come still

Cookies for Lee

Lee is having a baby shower for a friend and she asked me to bake cookies for that afternoon – So I did 🙂

Lemon Shortbread cookies, yummmmm.

(I took this picture in the dining room)


This picture was taken in the kitchen.
Amazing how different the light is
Almost finished, they just need a finishing touch…

And here they are all finished and sparkly

Pretty, if I do say so myself and they smell so buttery and sweet.


And then I packed them all individually, but not until I had printed the little tags that Lee requested


That was fun 🙂

Butter, Eggs and Flour in – Magic out!

The first few batches of cookies have been created and the house smells so good.

I always have fancy plans to send out boxes and boxes of them. And in the end I have a difficult time to get it all together.   This year I am slightly ahead.   A couple of days ago  I went to get the boxes and address labels from the post office.  In  a few days everything should be ready to get shipped.

I am as ready as ready can be        🙂

The boys are mad at me (as usual) for only letting them eat mistakes – the slightly burned edges of bar cookies and the painted cookies where the design just wasn’t up to snuff.  I don’t know why I do that, not let them have actual cookies. After all, they are made to be enjoyed.  But only when I say it’s ok, heehee.

Hello, my name is Iris and I am a control freak.  I need to go and have a talk with a Dr. Phil.



So here are some of them.   Chocolate Shortbread,  Apricot Stars,  filled Walnuts  and Rugelach bars – YUMMMMMMMM