Wayfarer – Art Gallery

The Wayfarer hosts many different kind of folks.  Today I am going to tell you about the young artists that we host every year.’

The first work is from Helena. You might remember her from our blueberry picking afternoon last summer. She drew and colored a water scene.  You can see this work in The Bluebird cottage (#4)

Wayfarer Artists

Moving along the gallery,  2 pieces of art can be found in The Heron (#9)
The one on the left is by Jimmy, he used to be my boyfriend and as he grew older he was my birdbath filler boy.  He made this fabulous drawing of The Cardinal cottage (#10) a couple of years ago.

On the right you will see the drawing of our fishing boat, with sail, by Vivian.  I think she captured it perfectly

2013-06-07 02.16.29

Close-ups of the works

2013-06-07 02.16.36 2013-06-07 02.16.43

Last but not least, the very first work I ever received and it is by Grayce. It is a portrait of me and our chocolate Lab Bear.
This work is hanging in cottage Cardinal (# 10) where Grayce and her parents stay when they stay 😉

2013-06-07 02.17.16

There you have it – The Wayfarer Art Gallery.

I cannot wait to see my little artists this summer. They are all scheduled to stay again and hopefully they’ll  have more works for me to put up in “their” cottages.