A Stroll On Frankfort Beach

The other day I was waiting for Mike to run errands in town. It was my first opportunity to go and see the beach at the end of Main Street in Frankfort in a really long time. The weather was perfect. It was windy and warm, the sun was shining. It was the best beach weather. 

These folks thought so too

Pumpkins Fired Directly at Elberta

Ahhhh, I feel a pumpkin war is imminent

The Elberta Alert

Pumpkin Trebuchet A proposed retaliatory Elberta chunking operation in search of a grant.

By An Alert Intern

Another successful pumpkin-firing test from the City of Frankfort created tension for Village of Elberta residents this weekend. Public pressure is mounting for the Elberta Solstice Foundation to develop a world-class gourd defense system.

A local gnome was overheard saying, “If we cannot even protect our Life Saving Station adequately, if we can’t launch even the smallest potato back at them, then how can my many children even think about sleeping?”

With a pumpkin-power-enabled city performing weapons tests just over the bay, will the educations of Village children suffer due to lack of sleep?

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