I finally thought of a question for youse guys.
Anyone interested in winning a Pure Michigan Coffee Table Book? – Now is the time to pay attention!

How long has the Wayfarer been in business?

Enter by posting your answer below, in the comment section.

I give you until next Tuesday, January 11, 2011 – 5 PM and then I will draw the winner.

I will pick the winner by collecting the correct answers and draw one name out of a hat, ok !?

Get to work and enter.  It’s time I give something away.  I might add a bunch of cookies to the book 😉

Let me clarify, it’s not a trick question, I goofed. I meant to ask how old the business is. Never mind the name.

Ok, back to guessing…

2 thoughts on “Contests

  1. I guess it started in 1927.

  2. As the “Wayfarer”, it started in 1984 when the business was sold. The previous name was “Pattyn Place Motel” beginning in 1973. I cannot remember what Harell’s or Harold’s called it (Possibly Harold’s Cabins) or what the previous original motel was called.

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