Resuming our morning walks

Bear and I are resuming our morning walks around the Wayfarer grounds.
Even if we didn’t have a real summer this year,  I am looking forward to everything that fall has to offer, starting with cool, foggy mornings.

So, this morning we walked past our tiny apple tree. It’s been with us about 10 years – Mike planted it and there it stands.  It has never grown even an inch and this year it doesn’t have leaves.  This maybe because of the tent worms, I am not sure.

the artsy apple tree

The artsy apple tree – doesn’t it look great?  I love it just the way it is.

The naked apple tree with one tiny, little apple

The naked apple tree with one tiny, little apple and see, there is a spider’s web there too


And just look at this convoluted design.
I kept making the web quiver but no spider appeared.


hornet nest

And then we discovered a hornet nest in the pine tree by cottage 1
We took this picture and then went inside for coffee and a doggy treat!

We had a good time, the Bear and I

This morning, too early, Bear wanted to take his morning walk.  So we walked.

Now forgive me if I keep showing you pictures of my immediate surroundings, but that’s where I am. It is summer time and I am stuck at the Wayfarer.  Sometimes I am lucky – the boys have eaten all there is to eat in the house and I get to go shopping at the grocery store in Frankfort, wahooooo.

Even though I keep showing you the same things, they are never the same. The meadow changes daily and it is starting to show color.


A moose!

First we came by the old rhubarb.  Walt Emig told me once that this plant is 100 years old.  Walt loved to tell stories 😉  We walked on and pretty soon we arrived at “the burn pile”.  This is the yard waste of all the neighbors and 2 or 3 landscapers who bring all the goodies daily.   It is Mike’s pride and joy – the bigger it gets the happier he is.  Mike throws a “burn the pile” fete every year around his birthday/winter solstice/ Feb. 21 or the closest Saturday around that date.   We have chili cooked by the Villa Marine restaurant and there’s a keg of beer, brats and all the trimmings.  People show up in snowmobile suits and the party begins.  It’s a garage party.  I don’t like it too much, it’s too cold and not exactly comfortable.  Everyone else is having a good time though.

Pretty soon we came around the bend and were on our way to see the old fort.  Mike built the boys a fort out of all the trees that came off the neighbors land when they started to build their new home.   This fort was making some of our neighbors on the ridge very nervous.  They thought that we were building more cottages and that “they would not allow”!
hmmmm…we own the land 😉

And as we strolled on further, I spotted the outdoor shower which I had bought with one particular guest in mind.  He was always so considered to make his family wash their feet, with the garden hose by # 6, so that they wouldn’t all drag sand inside the cottage.   The problem with a shower like this is that the water temperature is somewhat uncomfortable.  At first it is incredibly  hot and then outrageously cold, brrrrrrr.  No matter, here it is ready for anyone to use it.  And then we were on our way back home.  I was ready for my first cup of coffee and the Bear wanted his food.

We had a good time, the Bear and I.

Andy Love – U.S. Marine!

We’ve known Andy Love for about 10 years.  He was in elementary school back then.  Now he’s all grown up and on his way to Japan, where he will be stationed for a while.  Andy has spent time in Iraq and I am glad that he’s going to a different place.   Andy and his dad Butch came for a cup of coffee this morning and to deliver an invitation for the going away party tomorrow at Butch and Julijana’s place.
Andy is leaving his pride and joy behind…

First there's Andy

First there’s Andy, and then comes the car.
My posts about “shnazzy flitzers”, little King Midgets and other assorted vehicles must make you think that I am car crazy.  I am not.  I am just jealous, because I had to give up my beloved Bronco for the clunker that I am driving now – so never mind me and just take a look at this beauty


Ok, that’s it for today, the holiday is over, everybody get back to work, heehee.