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Here we were, Roxie and I.  Lee (of Roger and Lee) is playing Tin Can Tourists again- we were alone and up for some fun, muahahahaaaa.
So the idea was to go to Traverse City and have lunch on Front Street at the
Red Ginger
You are correct, that’s right across the street from
Phil’s on Front
Lee, Roxie and I had been there before for lunch about 3 weeks ago and Roxie wanted more…

Friday morning, we left Frankfort around 10 am and got to the parking garage at 10:45.
The walk from there to our destination was shortish…The restaurant opens at 11:00 –
Let’s just say that we were a little too eager to get seated for the Red Ginger people, we were there at 10:57!
They were very kind but we could tell that we were EARLY.
As you can see from the picture, it is apparent that we were the first guests that day, heehee.
This did not bother us one bit, because we were only interested in their
unbelievable sushi and war-wonton soup!  and we got it!!

After lunch, we had to get dessert at none other than
Jaques Torres
Oh gosh, they do have some nice stuff there.
I love that coffee bar but I can never make the girls want to sit there.
All they are looking for is a piece of chocolate or two and run after their next venue.

I used to love watching Jaques on the Food Network make his chocolate creations a few years ago

Everywhere you look – nothing but chocolates. Mmmmm good.

Here’s a tip for you, click on most of the pictures in any post and get a larger image, it’s nice to see the details!

Only in Frankfort!

The most spectacular sunset tonight…

I know it’s blurred but I didn’t know that until just now. I wasn’t wearing my glasses when I took the darn picture. AND, the picture was taken while I was parked on the side of M- 115, through the dirty windshield.  I am sorry 😦



I just couldn’t go straight home. I had to drive down to the lake.  Apparently I was not the only one that was that got pulled towards the lake.  so many cars were down there, it felt like summertime. Except, of course, in summer – no snow, heehee



so many people enjoyed themselves here this evening.


And there you have it.  A sunset like you can only see it in Frankfort 🙂