Rain – Puddles = Fun!

We had somewhat of a dry spell and very hot days. ¬†Something like 82 degrees for a couple of days in a row and I wilt like an Iris without water ūüėČ

It rained early this morning. Yay!

So here is my little buddy Jude. ¬†Some of you might remember him from an entry here last year. ¬†Well Jude is back and having a great time…

Hmmm, are they looking?

Will I get in trouble?

Nobody’s watching.

A Drive through Frankfort

Today the weather could not have been better. Here at the Wayfarer, we had a nice, cool breeze off Lake Michigan. Temperatures were in the low 80’s ¬† purrrfect!

Being involved in a covert operation for an event this week, (no I cannot tell you what this was about or I’ll have to shoot you) I had to go into town and took the opportunity to bring back some pictures of what’s going on in Frankfort during the holiday week. I also have pictures of the clouds at sunset.

The¬†carnival¬†is in town. ¬†It looks pretty and colorful. ¬†They have “put down stakes” across the street from the Bayview Grille. ¬†It smelled like cotton candy and popcorn.

Loading the Ferris Wheel

not much going on yet, the rides just opened this afternoon…

I was on the way home, crossing the bridge across Betsie Bay, when I saw the beautiful sky.
But first a picture of the train that’s located in the park in Elberta, where the Thursday market is held.
They painted the train – it looks wonderful

Looking towards the Conundrum Cafe’

Looking toward Frankfort

Now you see him…

He made me laugh this morning Р Bobo the Squirrel.
He was playing a game of hide and seek on the kettcars ¬†ūüôā

He knew that I was watching him. I could tell by the way he kept
looking over here and jumping around

Then a little nibble on the buffet of grass and off he went
into the neighbor’s yard and I had work to do…