A Drive through Frankfort

Today the weather could not have been better. Here at the Wayfarer, we had a nice, cool breeze off Lake Michigan. Temperatures were in the low 80’s   purrrfect!

Being involved in a covert operation for an event this week, (no I cannot tell you what this was about or I’ll have to shoot you) I had to go into town and took the opportunity to bring back some pictures of what’s going on in Frankfort during the holiday week. I also have pictures of the clouds at sunset.

The carnival is in town.  It looks pretty and colorful.  They have “put down stakes” across the street from the Bayview Grille.  It smelled like cotton candy and popcorn.

Loading the Ferris Wheel

not much going on yet, the rides just opened this afternoon…

I was on the way home, crossing the bridge across Betsie Bay, when I saw the beautiful sky.
But first a picture of the train that’s located in the park in Elberta, where the Thursday market is held.
They painted the train – it looks wonderful

Looking towards the Conundrum Cafe’

Looking toward Frankfort

First Signs of Life

What fun to see the snow disappearing!  We’ve had a lot of rain yesterday and through the night.  Most of the snow is now gone. What’s left is this strange-looking, white stuff with a lot of debris on top.  Sometimes that “strange-looking, white stuff” is still there many weeks after the big thaw and when you touch it, it’s dry and powdery. It is only white-ish dirt.

Things that grow on this property are usually 4 weeks behind everyone else.  The Irises bloom in late June,  Daffodils are here in late May…
We are late bloomers 🙂
Imagine my surprise when I saw the first signs of life as I was coming back from pushing  garbage cans to the road.


The first signs of life


Have a fantastic weekend everyone!