Time to confess

You can imagine that I make a lot of beds and with that comes a like or dislike for the comforters we use. My favorite, of course, would be linen duvet covers like I use here at home but my linen service does not offer these.  Back to my comforters, there is one style in particular that I have had since the dinosaurs roamed the earth – at least 10 years.  It’s a Martha Stewart quilt. I have 6 of them.  They have been washed so many times that the fabric is wearing thin and has broken and torn all over the place, on all of them. If I were to fix the tears, I would only create new ones, so I don’t even try. Yet I cannot help myself, I put the quilts on the beds anyway.  Usually they go on the beds of guests that I know very well and to whom I can explain why that comforter is on their bed

Because it has this perfect weight
it feels really comfy!

So, should you find this comforter in your cottage and on your bed,  just go with it,  you could not be more comfortable sleeping under that thing.

See, it’s this sea-foam green with white stylized flowers. It goes perfectly with the curtains and the pictures on the wall
without being matchy-matchy…
Good night!


So it’s here


20th Anniversary Celebrations
(I think they’re celebrating)

It started on Wednesday and for some reason I have not seen the participants yet.

I am not sure what’s going on there, maybe they didn’t appreciate the decorations this year?

You remember I had this heap of after dinner mints.

I made nice piles of them on the pillows


and the rest I stuffed into their coffeemakers, hehehe

See, I even stuffed the filter compartment.

What?  No way – I am not going down there to find out what they thought about that.

If you want to know, you go and ask

New guests that fit like a glove

Funny how some guests just come in and are part of it all – immediately.

Yesterday Douglas David – painter, arrived for his 3 night stay and he was right at home.  We had drinks on the front porch the day he arrived and today we had drinks in his backyard.   We all needed a drink, I guess 8)

He spends quite a bit of time in this area so I am sure we will see him again.   Some of his works can be seen at Betsie Bay Furniture on Main Street in Frankfort and I think some of his paintings are at a gallery in Glen Arbor and some are at MacBeth in Onekama.  He has a calendar of events on his website so check it out!

Now don’t everybody go on thinking that all we do here is drink, I know it’s easy to believe with all of my cocktail posts

Innkeeper’s monotony

Monotony is starting to set in.  Nothing wrong with that, really.
The Wayfarer is now in it’s 4th week of  “getting busy” and the days seem very much the same from the day or the week before. Not for the guests, mind you, just for this innkeeper.  There’s so much to do for the guests in this area, I can’t see how anyone can pack that all into 3 or 4 days.

If I took a closer look around, instead of sitting here talking to you, I could be out in that little garden of mine and pluck some weeds.  The weeds seem to be doing just fine out there, it’s the vegetables that aren’t growing. I am beginning to wonder about that top soil we bought.  It’s almost like they gave us the stuff that had all the good things removed, oh brother


Yumm !

this is how my Saturday evening started here at home

This is how my Saturday evening started here at home – a tiny strawberry floating in some tingling, sparkling wine.


And then of course we went on to the party where they served a special grapefruit Cosmopolitan, yumm.

And now we are waiting for some new guests to arrive.  Some of them we haven’t seen in months, others haven’t been here in years.  I am excited to see all of them.

Name that duck!

Wow, today new guests checked in and they had the most exciting present for me.

See for yourself…


isn't she beautiful?


Isn’t she beautiful made out of terracotta ?!   She should get a name


Name that duck!

for a shipment of cookies.

one of these days I will be able to send something

besides cookies

So then please comment with your name suggestions for this lovely thing 🙂
I will pick a name on Thursday night.  No entries after 8PM EST, Thursday July 9th!


Bear has had a rough night.  I know it’s my own fault, I should not let him roam the property alone.  He goes and visits with the guests and he begs for goodies. The guests think they’re being clever when they feed him, which I frequently ask them NOT to do.
Bear threw up during the night in the house and is still throwing up now outside.  Amazing how much food he has in him and none of it his own.

Short of putting up “don’t feed the animals” sign like in the zoo, what can I do?
Now he sits there on the steps at the back door, tied up, sad and sick.
And I am angry 😦