Wandering through Frankfort with LuAnn

Most mornings during the week, I drive the boys to school and then stop by Luann’s house for a cup of her scrumptious coffee and after that, we walk through town.  We are walking for the health of it and really always start at a pretty good speed but after a while, we usually are more interested in the houses we pass as we make our way around town, and stop and look more than we walk. We always have so much to talk about, and totally forget why we are out there on some of those really cold mornings.                                     One morning she asked me if I had ever gone up Nippising Street and I told her  ‘no, not that I can remember’.  ‘You must see this house’,  she said.

Wow – as we came to the end of this short street there it stood. A little out of place next to all the cottage style homes in town.  This one really stands out.


This house seems to have jumped off the pages of some old, long forgotten motion picture magazine or Architectural Digest for sure. I bet Mae West lived in a house like that in the Hollywood Hills.   Gorgeous!

Luann told me that the house once belonged to a Dentist from Chicago, when he passed away he left it to a nephew who is not interested in the property and never visits it (I will go and check that out for accuracy though)  – so we walked up and looked into every window.  The house is beautiful.  It looks as if it once was a movie set.  Someone is taking really good care of it.  Nothing is out of place and it looks in there like someone just left to go shopping.

The next day we went back; this time armed with a camera.

Because of concerns about privacy, I deleted the interior shots.  What’s left is a picture of the exterior walking up from Michigan Avenue and this shot from the terrace facing, what else, Lake Michigan.

This gem  is perched high on top of the bluff overlooking the beach, Frankfort Harbor and Lighthouse.

View of Frankfort LighthouseView of Frankfort Lighthouse

Musings of an Innkeeper

Looks like we have to wait for spring a little bit longer.  The weatherman predicts more snow for the weekend. Yikes. No matter what, the cottages are ready and the first guests, fishermen, will arrive on April 7th – all the way from Texas!  Hard to believe that this will be our 15th season coming up.  I always look forward to that first guest as it forces me to get into character and come out of my hibernation. This year I had Cindy help me open up the cottages and get them ready.  That was a nice treat for me who has to do all that cleaning work during the season. There is a lot of yard cleaning to be done.  For some reason a million leaves are still all over the lawns.  I thought we had cleaned that all up before the snow started. Apparently I must have been dreaming.  I called Pudd Ness to come and do some clean-up work for me,  hopefully he won’t make me wait too long.  Because this is how I like my front lawn to look:

Front lawn

Front lawn

Benzie County kids are on spring break until Monday, April 6th.  It is a bit quiet in town as everyone seems to have fled to warmer climates. Our winter has been extremely long this year.  My 2 boys and husband are out of town to soak up some sun too. My son Marc and husband Mike went to see Marc’s godfather in Arizona and Ty was invited by his friend Zach’s family to join them in Ft. Lauderdale for a week at the beach.