Simple pleasures

Mother’s Day morning we all went to Dorothy’s house and from there we walked to the Lighthouse Cafe’ in Elberta for the traditional breakfast.  Such a simple thing and so satisfying – Mother’s Day breakfast make everyone happy.

We WALKED – all of us except Dorothy and Fuzz.  Mind you it’s maybe 600 yards from their house to the cafe’.

All of Elberta had that same breakfast in mind, because as we got close to the restaurant, we could see droves of people standing outside waiting for tables to free up inside.

I took pictures of the people.

Not too exciting but then I saw this and it made me smile because it looks like a copy of what I doodle when talking on the phone.

Weird, I know.

Ok, enough :mrgreen:

Lake Michigan

One morning, last week,  I drove up to the outlook in Elberta…

High above the beach looking to the north west – the Frankfort harbor and lighthouse

and then looking  west

looking south toward Arcadia

And as I was looking around and sniffing the air, there came the familiar Coast Guard helicopter for a maneuver

Yup, summer is on it’s way 🙂

A Christmas Angel?

Again this year, we had a spectacular Easter Sunday.  It was fairly warm and pleasant. A lot of wind but who cares, when the sun is out.

Easter Sunday means Dinner at Dorothy’s house.  The members of the family that happen to be in the area at the time come to her house for Easter dinner. Mike and the boys are still in Arizona, so I went by myself.  Yummy ham and my favorite sweet potato recipe!!

So, while waiting for everyone to finally get there, I walked around the house and found these little treasures

I think Fuzz is hording rocks :mrgreen:

The first crocus

Lilacs, my favorite

The cute, little cottage across the street from Dorothy and Fuzz’s

Some thing was tunneling under the snow!

A Christmas Angel….WHAT?  A Christmas Angel? 😯
The poor dear must have been forgotten when all the winter stuff was packed away 😦

Ah yes, back to more timely things – daffodils 🙂

Happy Easter everyone