These two guys…

…with their dog showed up looking for a room for the weekend.  All I had was the cottage that Leonard didn’t need last night and I had agreed to try and rent it for him.  Nothing for the weekend in the entire town!  This is busy season, people. How come downstate and out of state travel agents still keep telling their clients that “there’s nothing going on, it’s Michigan”?   😯 The guys took the room and this morning, as we happen to walk  our dogs together through the meadow,  Stan gave me his business card, ” in case there is an opening…”

The business card

Of course I was nosey and asked what kind of business is “Compelling Storytelling for Broadcast and Multimedia” ?  Turns out those two are producers of home improvement shows for  DIY.

One show is called “desperate landscaping”  the other one has something to do with $ 10.000 make-overs, I can’t remember the title.  So I said that we don’t get the DIY channel here and that those shows never come to our parts of the country and they said “Not so, we’re working at homes in the mid-west”.   They also said for me to get on the list. Now does that mean that they think  the house or garden really need work or are they just saying “get on the list”  because they want to come back here? , heehee.

I am thinking, thinking, thinking.

This time it’s right

Impatiens blossom

I have these little terracotta pots installed under the windows of the front row cottages.  I like the way that looks except I have never been able to find the right flowers to plant in there that will last all summer.
The first year I had them, I stuck plastic flowers in there. Blech! what a mistake that was; every time I walked by there, they reminded me of those dreadful plastic flowers people put on grave sites.   Then I kept on buying pansies and stuck them in there.  That looks nice in the early spring, but by the end of spring/beginning of summer, those little things had grown necks so long, they nearly could bump their pretty, little heads on the sidewalk.  Blech!
This year I listened to none other than Jane from Putney’s in Arcadia. You know of whom I speak if you’ve been with me here since April 😉
Jane told me to use 3 Impatiens for every pot: 1 white, 1 orange and 1 red and watch the beauty unfold.  OMGosh she was so right.  The Impatiens are absolutely wonderful to look at and they are no work at all.  In the spring, when they looked so bedraggled still and had nothing to show for, I would not have believed that they could look this good.

Thank you Jane

Impatiens cottage 4

cottage 4

cottage 5

cottage 5

New guests that fit like a glove

Funny how some guests just come in and are part of it all – immediately.

Yesterday Douglas David – painter, arrived for his 3 night stay and he was right at home.  We had drinks on the front porch the day he arrived and today we had drinks in his backyard.   We all needed a drink, I guess 8)

He spends quite a bit of time in this area so I am sure we will see him again.   Some of his works can be seen at Betsie Bay Furniture on Main Street in Frankfort and I think some of his paintings are at a gallery in Glen Arbor and some are at MacBeth in Onekama.  He has a calendar of events on his website so check it out!

Now don’t everybody go on thinking that all we do here is drink, I know it’s easy to believe with all of my cocktail posts

The fun never stops

Today this nice couple checked in.  They came in a van pulling a small trailer behind the van.  There was this little thing on the trailer. Once it was safely stowed away between the cottages, I called Marc to see it


Marc is scratching his head, hehe

 and this

Ty is already looking on Ebay to see if he can snap up one of these little King Midgets. He wants a racy one with a shnazzy paint job so he can drive it to school, lol.

These nice folks parked that sweet little car in the wrong spot so I had to write them a parking ticket; they thought that was too funny.

Parking ticket

The very first parking ticket ever handed out at the Wayfarer

See the car do it’s thing

Frankfort’s Saturday Market

Yesterday I did not forget to go to town and visit the Saturday market in Frankfort.  I wanted to get  a fresh baguette for the party and maybe a nice salad with edible flowers from Grace.  Grace is my duck egg supplier.  She also sells turkey eggs and of course eggs produced by ordinary white and brown chickens. I only wish that someone would be selling quail eggs.  I love those little treasures.  Anyway, this is not a report on eggs –  it’s the Market report

Two thumbs up for this event, which takes place all year long. During the cold months it’s at the Community Center and after it warms up they move it outdoors next to the Community Center 😉


Maple syrup, I bought some and then went home to make pancakes for the boys.

a lot of crafts at the market nowadays

A lot of crafts at the market nowadays…

Look at the cutest baby hats you've seen in a long time :)
Look at the cutest baby hats you’ve seen in a long time 🙂

Joyce who sells embroidered clothing. She used to weigh me in at Weight Watchers - a long time ago, before it was too late for me

Joyce who sells embroidered clothing. She used to weigh me in at Weight Watchers – a long time ago, before it was too late for me

Mike with Bill Soper, the local stone mason and his girlfriend Connie, the gardener

Mike with Bill Soper, the local stone mason and his girlfriend Connie the gardener, who sells her plants at the market. Ask me about the house that Bill and Connie moved from Frankfort to Elberta and how that ties in with Mike’s bid for County Commissioner in the year 2002.


Kites are perfect for this area. It’s always breezy here and there are no power lines at the beaches.  Kites are perfect for this area 😉
These guys had some really shnazzy ones !

Grace! and below that is one of her many children

Grace!   Grace is a Mennonite.  She home-schools her children who range from 8 to 17 or so.

one of Grace's kids

One of Grace’s kids. All of Grace’s kids always have big smiles on their faces.

See that little cottage behind Grace?  That is the absolute cutest house in town. A single woman lives there.  She has sisters here in town and around Crystal Lake.  Quite a prominent Washington D.C. and Detroit family. I will write about them another time and get a better picture of the cottage in a couple of days, cause I know you want to see it 🙂

Lee, of Roger and Lee and Roxie. I don't know who the guy in the middle is, he just snuck in there, heehee

Lee (of Roger and Lee) and Roxie. I don’t know who the guy in the middle is, he just snuck in there, heehee

And now one more picture of the Mitch Mate III,  I pictured it once already, but didn’t show you the amphibious car on top or at least it wasn’t easy to see or something like that.

Mitch Mate III

And now I have to get pretty because, believe it or not, it is time to pick up LuAnn and her Michael from the airport.   She called last night to see if I was still speaking to her and if I would still pick her up at the airport.  I had to laugh. “Of course I am going to pick you up, you Dork! ”  I said.

Let’s see how they like the ride  – muahahahaahah.

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Nancy L. is coming up with some girl friends.  This time around they’ll be celebrating a birthday. A few days ago, Nancy sent me a package with streamers and a Birthday banner with instructions to “make the place look good”.  I have not the faintest idea of what to do with streamers so I made Mike help me with that last night and we had fun with that.  After we were all done, I noticed that I had forgotten to put towels in the bathroom.   I went to get the towels  but could not get into the bathroom. The whole cottage looks like a spider’s web, heehee.  This afternoon I went to Walenta’s in town to get the balloons that I had ordered yesterday.

Mr. Walenta working hard to fill my balloons :)

Mr. Walenta working hard to fill my balloons 🙂

I went home to put the balloons on the door

I went home to put the balloons on the door

oh yeah, it's decorated alright

Ohhhhh yeah, it’s decorated alright

yes all around the beds too

Yes – all around the beds too.  See, I had to put the towels on the bed, I  couldn’t get into the bathroom. What a mess, heh!

And now we are waiting for the ladies to arrive…

They have arrived! It’s 9:45 PM

I took some pictures of the birthday girl but they didn’t really come out.  I’ll post one anyway

oh yeah, there she is - the birthday queen, heehee

Oh yeah, there she is, dressed to the nines and slightly out of focus – the birthday queen, heehee.
Margaritas (sp?) at the Roadhouse were excellent they say!


The boys' business card

Yes that’s right.  The boys are starting up their headboard business again this summer.  Maybe this year they’ll be a bit more industrious than last year. Nothing much was produced last year.  In  2007 they were very busy with those headboards.
LuAnn had put them up to fashioning twig headboards for some of her rooms. Pretty soon, the Betsie Bay Inn ordered a headboard for one of their rooms.
I must say, they really look great.  I was actually thinking of ordering a few for a couple of the Wayfarer cottages myself. Some of the cottages are currently sporting headboards that I am not exactly fond of 😯

LuAnn painted her headboards, the Hotel in town varnished theirs.
I like the look of the varnished ones.

cute huh?Summer of 2007 – cute huh?