Pictures from the bridge

As I came back from my daily grocery shopping spree in Frankfort,  and I was half way across Betsie Bay, something suddenly grabbed me and I pulled over.   I stopped to take a picture or two or three.  There wasn’t much traffic, the school buses had already delivered their treasures – it was ok to stop.

Betise Bay with marshmallow topping a.k.a. ice floes :mrgreen:

Looking in the direction of the red barn on M-22


Looking towards the Cabbage Shed in Elberta

Looking toward Frankfort



And here we are looking towards the house of my friends Kathy and Jan

See the house on top of the dune?  That house belongs to Rena Rose and her husband, whose name I cannot recall at the moment. Strange, huh?

Now that’s a sunrise!

Ok so it was time to take the boys to school this morning, picking up other boys along the way.

As we made our way around the corner by the old ‘Mix’s Service’ and across Betsie Bay, we spotted…..I spotted the most beautiful sunrise.
Of course with all the snow on the side of the roads, it is difficult to just pull over and take pictures. After all 15 minutes before school starts is totally rush hour here in the area 🙂

I asked Marc to do it for me and he just looked at me like I was nuts.  <—–  Don’t comment on that, heehee.

So, no pictures of that, but coming home I turned right onto 668- the shortest highway in Michigan- and drove to Elberta’s Waterfront Park.  There I could take some pics.  Nothing as spectacular as what I saw earlier, still nice though.



The clouds were pretty cool too.

Then I drove out of the park and home again.  I thought the ramshackle cottages on that road looked nice in that light this morning as well, so I took these pics to let you see :mrgreen:  It seems to me like some of them have had a little work done.

Don’t you just love the one in the foreground?  It reminds me of that house on Grace Road.


Have a good day everyone 🙂

Fun weather

Yesterday the weather was spectacular.

It wasn’t too cold, the sun was shining off and on, it snowed and the wind blew snow every which way.
Swirls of snow across the bay made me stop and take pictures.
I don’t think I did a very good job though.   Another interesting thing was seeing all the shanties already in the bay,
plopped down on what looked like they were floating on small shards of ice in the water

Looking from the Library across the bay and towards the Betsie River

This is the view from Main Street towards the Library and left across the bay to Elberta and
as you can see, they are already pushing the snow in place for the snowmobile races for
Shiver by the River
taking place in February

The next three pictures were taken from the Elberta side of the bay,  aprox. 20 seconds apart.


Cool huh?

This last picture is taken alongside Furnace Ave. in Elberta,
looking toward M-22 – across Betsie Bay

After my haircut…

I drove down to the lake and there I saw the house.

This elephant of a house.

The antithesis of a beach house.

Ugly but!

a house with history


Legend has it that this house once belonged to Al Capone.

This is where he and his buddies would come

with their girlfriends…

It stands right there at the end of Main Street and

when I swing around towards the water,

this is what I see





Betsie Bay – sitting on a bench outside the Frankfort Library

Good Morning Impatiens

I thought you should see how much care we take with some of the adornments around the Wayfarer.

It was really cold night before last.  When the weatherman calls for “overnight temps in the 40’s”, that means that there will be frost around here for sure.

So I grabbed 6 face towels ( I hope the laundry people don’t read here) and 6 stainless steel chopsticks and off I went to cover the impatiens on the front cottages so that they wouldn’t freeze.

sleeping beauties

sleeping beauties

There they are - covered and sleeping

There they are – covered and sleeping

Actually these pics were taken in the early morning, just before I uncovered them.

Then later that day, around dinner time, Mike and I decided to go into town and grab a bite at the Coho Cafe, before bringing home 2 pizzas for the boys.

Strange "yacht" on Betsie Bay

Strange looking  “yacht” on Betsie Bay

The vegetable portion of the dinner

The vegetable portion of my dinner, heehee

And after dinner, we drove west on Main Street towards the beach where we were greeted by this magnificent sunset

How about them apples?

How about them apples?


Frankfort Harbor at sunset

Frankfort Harbor at sunset with the lighthouse

I wish I could have gotten a better picture but it was too dark.  There were so many boats with their lights on on Lake Michigan, it was so pretty.  Almost like a parade.

The following pictures are from just a few minutes ago, when the fog rolled in across the bluff, I couldn’t resist taking these pictures:

fog in the backyard

fog in the backyard

fog in the backyard

good night all 🙂

You know it’s summer when…

…it rains almost every night or early morning.

We sleep upstairs, but Bear sleeps downstairs in his shnazzy designer doughnut. It’s better this way.  He really can’t get up and down stairs any more.  This morning I was awakened by rolling thunder and hard rain and an alarm clock  flashing  5:01 AM.
I re-set the alarm clock to wake me at 7 but never made it back to sleep.  Bear had walked up the stairs all the way to the landing and was barking for attention at 5:10.   The fact that he made his way up the stairs made me jump out of bed and look after him immediately.
Meanwhile the thunder really started cracking around the house.  I like to be under the covers when it gets bad like that.  No chance of that today.  I ran after Bear who bolted for the backdoor like a speeding bullet – I let him out in that weather.
The thunder got worse and worse, it rained harder and harder and Bear was no where in sight.  He didn’t return until about 45 minutes later, wet as a dog,  oh  heehee, he is a dog 😉  And that made him smell even worse than he normally does, blech.

I am tired! 😛

I don’t have thunder and lightning pictures.  This is summer as well:

August 8, 2009 001


Betsie Bay


The old life-saving station in the foreground and the Trick Dog Gallery up on the hill on the right, the roundhouse on the bottom left and between that and the sailboat is the amphitheater.  This weekend the Shakespeare troupe is back giving free performances, it’s really nice.
The Waterfront Park in Elberta IS beautiful.  The life-saving station has been refurbished and includes a caterer’s kitchen now and it is rented out by the village of Elberta to anyone who has a few pennies and would like to have a party there.  There are many weddings during the summer.

A Tuesday in mid-April

Well, yesterday really did turn out to be a very busy day.
First, I have to report on Bear – he is fine now, the limp is almost gone.
Second, I have been taking reservations like crazy yesterday.

After dropping off TheBoyzz at school earlier this morning, I noticed something new in town.  Horses. Traveling home on M-22 between Frankfort and Elberta at the Red Barn Farm (that’s what I call it) right across the street from the Betsie Bay,  a whole herd of beautiful horses where before there were a whole bunch of black cows.  See for yourself, they are pretty Horses at the Red Barn Farm on M-22 here’s another

Horses on M-22 and just one more

Horses on M-22 - 1

Today for the first time, the laundry service is coming.  It is always a bit stressful, because the driver likes to talk my ear off.  I am the one that does that to people, not the other way around 🙄