I cannot believe I am saying this, but I am happy to hear the rain tapping on my windows.

We haven’t had any rain for the entire month of September and I believe August as well.  We needed it.  Very considered of St. Peter not to let it rain until the roof was completely finished.

Bear is sitting outside on the stoop, almost out of the rain, enjoying the view, I think.  It’s dark.  How much does a dog see when it’s pitch dark? There he sits, gets sprinkled on and comes inside periodically, waiting for me to grab two bath mats and dry him off.   Then he ambles back outside, only to come back inside 10 minutes later.  I think he enjoys the massage.

Bear’s special friend Sharon and her husband Tom have left for the last time this year and he was a bit upset when he wandered down to their cottage one morning and they were no longer there.    But soon enough old friends of his from last fall, Ralph and his wife Wilda, arrived from West Virginia and took over where Sharon and Tom left off.

Now Bear sits in front of Ralph’s cottage whenever he and his wife are not fishing and is waiting to be fed some toast with butter, that spoiled brat, hehe

Tonight we are looking forward to hosting the boys men of N.M.G.E starting tomorrow evening.  Let’s hope that the weather now turns nice again, just like the weatherman promised this morning, so that the guys have a great time golfing, eating and drinking.

You know it’s summer when…

…it rains almost every night or early morning.

We sleep upstairs, but Bear sleeps downstairs in his shnazzy designer doughnut. It’s better this way.  He really can’t get up and down stairs any more.  This morning I was awakened by rolling thunder and hard rain and an alarm clock  flashing  5:01 AM.
I re-set the alarm clock to wake me at 7 but never made it back to sleep.  Bear had walked up the stairs all the way to the landing and was barking for attention at 5:10.   The fact that he made his way up the stairs made me jump out of bed and look after him immediately.
Meanwhile the thunder really started cracking around the house.  I like to be under the covers when it gets bad like that.  No chance of that today.  I ran after Bear who bolted for the backdoor like a speeding bullet – I let him out in that weather.
The thunder got worse and worse, it rained harder and harder and Bear was no where in sight.  He didn’t return until about 45 minutes later, wet as a dog,  oh  heehee, he is a dog 😉  And that made him smell even worse than he normally does, blech.

I am tired! 😛

I don’t have thunder and lightning pictures.  This is summer as well:

August 8, 2009 001


Betsie Bay


The old life-saving station in the foreground and the Trick Dog Gallery up on the hill on the right, the roundhouse on the bottom left and between that and the sailboat is the amphitheater.  This weekend the Shakespeare troupe is back giving free performances, it’s really nice.
The Waterfront Park in Elberta IS beautiful.  The life-saving station has been refurbished and includes a caterer’s kitchen now and it is rented out by the village of Elberta to anyone who has a few pennies and would like to have a party there.  There are many weddings during the summer.

We had a good time, the Bear and I

This morning, too early, Bear wanted to take his morning walk.  So we walked.

Now forgive me if I keep showing you pictures of my immediate surroundings, but that’s where I am. It is summer time and I am stuck at the Wayfarer.  Sometimes I am lucky – the boys have eaten all there is to eat in the house and I get to go shopping at the grocery store in Frankfort, wahooooo.

Even though I keep showing you the same things, they are never the same. The meadow changes daily and it is starting to show color.


A moose!

First we came by the old rhubarb.  Walt Emig told me once that this plant is 100 years old.  Walt loved to tell stories 😉  We walked on and pretty soon we arrived at “the burn pile”.  This is the yard waste of all the neighbors and 2 or 3 landscapers who bring all the goodies daily.   It is Mike’s pride and joy – the bigger it gets the happier he is.  Mike throws a “burn the pile” fete every year around his birthday/winter solstice/ Feb. 21 or the closest Saturday around that date.   We have chili cooked by the Villa Marine restaurant and there’s a keg of beer, brats and all the trimmings.  People show up in snowmobile suits and the party begins.  It’s a garage party.  I don’t like it too much, it’s too cold and not exactly comfortable.  Everyone else is having a good time though.

Pretty soon we came around the bend and were on our way to see the old fort.  Mike built the boys a fort out of all the trees that came off the neighbors land when they started to build their new home.   This fort was making some of our neighbors on the ridge very nervous.  They thought that we were building more cottages and that “they would not allow”!
hmmmm…we own the land 😉

And as we strolled on further, I spotted the outdoor shower which I had bought with one particular guest in mind.  He was always so considered to make his family wash their feet, with the garden hose by # 6, so that they wouldn’t all drag sand inside the cottage.   The problem with a shower like this is that the water temperature is somewhat uncomfortable.  At first it is incredibly  hot and then outrageously cold, brrrrrrr.  No matter, here it is ready for anyone to use it.  And then we were on our way back home.  I was ready for my first cup of coffee and the Bear wanted his food.

We had a good time, the Bear and I.