Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, there were 6 little cabins.  They stood like little soldiers looking west.

Once upon a time gliders landed in our meadow…


The Wayfarer in the 1920’s

gliders (1)

Then 4 more cabins appeared in the early 1930’s, plus guestrooms in the big house… It must have been a busy place even back then.

Wayfarer 8/5/2016

Same phone number as it was back then.  231.352.9264 – give us a call and rent a cabin.
Or better yet, make your reservations online 😉



4 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time

  1. This is truly Aesome!!

  2. Kathy Holwerda

    Way cool, Iris! Love the history of my favorite vacation spot! 😎I
    Question 1: Were the gliders parked out “back?”
    Question 2: Were the cabins moved at some point? They look like they’re positioned behind the “big house;” aka “your house…” Might be just the angle of the pic, though…

    • Hi Kathy,
      1. No glider parking, as far as I know. This picture was taken during an event.
      2. Nope, only # 1’s door faced west and was turned around
      They were never located behind the house. The picture’s angel is making it look that way.

      Did you notice how there was no garage? The Pattyn family built that in the 70’s thereby obscuring/hiding #1 😦 Really a bad move on their part, I think. But… we don’t have the means to tear it down and build one in another spot.

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