Open for Business!

Yes, the sign is up and we are open for business.  Should be a good crop again this year, and prices are low.

So come on down or up and start weeding 😉


Looks a mess but is really quite pretty and cottage-garden-ish in real life 😉


I cannot keep the Oregano at bay. Thank goodness the chickens like munching on it

One thought on “Open for Business!

  1. I wish my flower beds looked so good. I have something flowering and most that suppose to flower are just not co operating 🙄. I am going over to the local garden place and see about hiring someone to come to my house and tell me all about my unknown plants ect.
    We had our Nieghbors ginnyfowl ( not spelt correctly 😞) coming over and eating bugs. They did a good job at it. Now they are either locked back in their coops or got eaten by a Nast coyote. 😳
    Good luck with your oregano 😉

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