Dear Iris…

As I walked up to Hummingbird (#6 for all who have stayed at the Wayfarer), a card was clipped to the door addressed to “Iris”.

“Dear Iris, I figured you would never forget the two ladies who traveled all the way from Florida for a wedding that got cancelled the day of.”  –
Indeed, I will not forget these ladies, a mother and daughter who could not have been nicer, more appreciative or happy. They made the best of the situation and enjoyed this beautiful area.

I may forget what is on my personal calendar some days, but I rarely forget a guest.
I know – strange, LOL



2 thoughts on “Dear Iris…

  1. It seems like it must take more energy to sit down and write a complement than it does to write a complaint.
    It is so nice to see a well deserved complement come your way, Iris

    • So true, QB. These notes and card that guests leave for me/us are priceless to me. Just imagine even in this day and age of electronic communications, people are still compelled to take the time to write to me. I feel loved. 🙂

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