The little Things

On the rare occasion, when I have time to go into Frankfort during summer, I can never find a parking space. Neither can you.
One could be tempted to park in someone’s driveway, but that wouldn’t be prudent. Instead,  you drive around and around, when lo and behold, there is a spot open, maybe even 2 or 3 spots.
You can almost always find a nice spot BEHIND City Hall and/or the City Marina a block west of City Hall.  And when you discover these lovely spots, you get to walk through the tiniest of gardens to get to Main Street.


The Frankfort city garden

See the blue awning? Good – next to it is my favorite clothing store “Hull’s of Frankfort”



4 thoughts on “The little Things

  1. Yes! That is my favorite pizza-eating spot!!

  2. I’m so happy to open my email and find your little blogs! Always interesting, informative and usually slightly funny!

  3. Thanks, Barb.
    Hehe, slightly funny is what I am aiming for. Taking life to seriously makes it boring.

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