I missed you!

Wow, I have neglected my beloved blog.

So let us see if I can pick it back up and continue on a regular basis.

As many of you know, my boys have flown the proverbial coop. Tyler joined the Navy in 2013 and is in Charleston, SC learning to be a nuclear engineer.

Marc got married last September and lives with his bride in Manistee – in their very own little house.

We have become grandparents, Koda is his name and he will turn 2 in May.

Mike and I are still welcoming guests and are happy to do so, even though we said that once the kids graduate from high school, we would sell the Wayfarer.  Not going to happen until I cannot make beds anymore, LOL

Marc and Sabrina – September 27, 2014


Tyler and his son, Koda, Dec. 2013

Koda Christmas 2013

4 thoughts on “I missed you!

  1. Wow, a lot of changes and congratulations on it all! 🙂

  2. Kathy Holwerda

    What handsome young men they’ve become! Geez; and I remember them on their little tricycles! Proud parents; to be sure!

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