I am baaaaaack

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2014-06-04 14.11.37

Hi everyone!

I thought that I should take up writing here again.  My friend Art said that I should and post pictures, of course 🙂

So, for the first time since September 2nd, 2013 here we go

We have chickens now.  Yes, you know how I wanted fancy, shmancy chickens for a long time. Somewhere in the archives is an entry about it.  Anyway, we now have chickens. 6 of them and they are not fancy nor shmancy, they are production chickens.  They lay eggs. Not yet but sometime in the next few months.

It came about when one day I went to a big box store and saw this adorable chicken coop. It is adorable but not large enough for anything, lol.  Mike was not thrilled but he always lets me do whatever I want, and I wanted the coop and 6 chickens.

They have grown from tiny, little, yellow puffballs into big hens.

Mike now is enamored. He wants 9 more chickens and brand new ones next year to have 2 flocks. Oy.
He has been working on plans to build a mansion for the chickens old and new. He is working out how he can get water and food out there in the wintertime.  All around, he has lots of fun with them.

Yesterday we let them out of their yard into the big wide word for a lengthy amount of time. And he became a chicken herder. I wish I had video to show you.

Anyway, this was just to warn you that we have chickens now. Their names are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6



10 thoughts on “I am baaaaaack

  1. I’m very glad to see you back. It’s always been a pleasure to read your blog and enjoy your photos.

  2. Susan Filipiak

    Yay, you’re back on the blog.

    I’m so looking forward to my visit next week. Fresh eggs soon?

  3. oh Iris how wonderful!!! those chickens are adorable.Do guests get to purchase these delightful eggs? Looking forward to our autumn visit.a bit late but we have a big wedding in August.See you then!

  4. how about a contest to name the chickens? could be a hoot!

  5. Hi:
    How are the chickens working out? Are they producing eggs yet?

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