My Summer on the Front Porch

This has been my most wonderful summer since we came to live in Michigan.  Thanks to my reliable little helper Kamrie and some of her compadres for cleaning for me and Mike quitting his job.  Of course it helped that we had only enjoyable guests (almost) this year.  What a treat.
I have been able to enjoy my front porch more then ever before.  What fun to sit there and wave back at the “wavers” in the cars going by.
Ahhhh, a front porch, who needs anything else?!

I must say, thinking about this last season, this area sure has changed and then again it stayed the same.   The folks that come to enjoy themselves here are very much interested in keeping the area pristine and they really are “into the nature thing”, lol.
Water sports are definitely pushing hard to be the No.1 activity these days. Hiking and biking are not far behind. Of course that doesn’t mean that just plain old “laying on the beach” is no longer important. We’ve had many couples staying with us specifically to lay around on the beach and get chocolate brown before having to go back to work.

Long story short,   Thanks everyone for a most enjoyable season, for your business, for your friendship. We hope you went back home refreshed and feeling well and that your tank is full until you can come to Benzie County again   :heart:

Heehee, one really bad picture but there you have it – The Front Porch

Sis came to visit

4 thoughts on “My Summer on the Front Porch

  1. Mom was surely happy that Mike asked her to join him in walking across the highway to meet your new little grandson! Thanks for being so kind to that young lady in the picture, she surely is a keeper!!!

    • Dale, we love your mom. I am so sorry that we never have enough time to go and visit with her. When we saw her getting out of the car yesterday, I told Mike to go and get her. She is a living doll. ❤

  2. Thank you, Iris, for being so kind and thoughtful! Yes, Mom is an inspiration to all of us and we love her to pieces!

  3. Glad you had a good season there, Iris!
    I really missed being able to come this time… Heard you are grandparents now; Congratulations; he is a cutie!

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