It Really Is a Small World

Tonight Mike and I decided to go to the beach  in Frankfort and see the waves and kite boarders.

We did:

Kite boarding1

Frankfort Beach 2

…and then we decided to visit a few of our favorite watering holes.

So we went to the Stormcloud Brewing Company first, then to Dinghy’s and on our way back to the car,

we stopped in at Coho.  And that is where the fun started.  As we walked in, Jess, the bar tender, said

“There is Iris!”

and the group that was occupying the bar area went nuts.

“Ummmmm,  thanks for the warm welcome, peeps but what’s going on?”

Come to find out that they, from New England, had read my review of the Coho on
Four Square and went to see if it was what I said it was.

We had fun!

Small world indeed

9 thoughts on “It Really Is a Small World

  1. That is really amazing! I bet those people will be talking about Iris for many years to come!! xxoo

  2. Hope they bought you a drink at least!

  3. Isn’t it great to see how your reviews are getting out there and helping businesses in the area! You are an asset to Frankfort/Elberta area, Iris. Keep up the great work.

  4. What are the chances you’d walk in at the very time they were there! Of all the gin joints….

  5. Beautiful photos! Now I’m ready to head back to the beach again.

    Bucket List Publications

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