Free TV with one Night Stay

Mike and I were staring at all those


that we replaced with shnazzy,  new 29″  TV’s the other day.

What to do with the “antiques”?

Here is our solution:

Stay one night, take home a free color TV with remote control 😉

Any takers?

Wayfarer Lodgings 2013-06-16 11.11.45 2013-06-16 11.11.53

Yup, that’s how we do business at the Wayfarer 🙂

13 thoughts on “Free TV with one Night Stay

  1. Carol Greemfoe;d


    Jess might be interested in taking one up to college in the fall. So save one for us preferably one of the smaller ones so we can lift it ourselves.



  2. Um… need to bribe me…wish I was coming up to stay. Is there a local charity that you could give them to? Or Freecycle/ Craigslist them

  3. Hi Iris, Joey and Jimmy said cool but, it has to be the one from there cabin. lol See you Saturday.

  4. Gee you guys are great! Free tv w/ remote. The best I ever got was a free bagel anywhere else I’ve ever stayed!

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