Lilacs and other smelly Things

Working in the Hummingbird (cottage 6) yesterday, I was enveloped by the scent of the lilac blossoms.  Heavenly.

2013-05-30 17.03.20

2013-05-31 02.11.08

Apple blossoms – the most delicate of scents

2013-05-31 02.11.47

This is one huge apple tree

2013-05-31 02.12.14

2013-05-31 02.12.26

2013-05-31 02.12.50

Wayfarer front lawn

Wayfarer front lawn

Wayfarer Lodging

Wayfarer Lodging

The view from The Hummingbird

cottage 6 -  The Hummingbird

cottage 6 –
The Hummingbird

I work here!!

6 thoughts on “Lilacs and other smelly Things

  1. MUCH nicer than where I work….I can smell them from here..thanks for sharing.

  2. Kim of the Chamber

    I was driving through Elberta on M-22 with windows open and the lilac fragrance was heavenly!!

  3. We had a bumper year for lilacs here in MN, too. I wonder if it was all the snow? Even if it wasn’t I don’t think they would ever have smelled as good as they smelled after having snow from Oct – Nov?? through May!! Ours bloomed late, but bloom they did!

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