Guess what

I drove by Marvin’s Garden (spot) yesterday and just had to stop for a look-see.
What a cute little nursery this is and I have never stopped in before?
It’s located on 31 between Interlochen and Frankfort.

Marvin's Garden Spot

A wagon full of petunias 🙂

Marvin's Garden Spot

Marvin’s Garden Spot

2013-05-21 13.54.13

Yes, you are seeing an outhouse.  It’s just for fun. There are several of these babies

2013-05-21 13.54.29

Veggies.  Mike  says that he has too much work to do in the cottages for a garden this year 😦

2013-05-21 13.57.50

The second outhouse

2013-05-21 13.58.13

Marvin’s Garden Spot

2013-05-21 14.00.24 HDR

And Julie Williams of Sleeping Bear Realty in Frankfort standing in front of this amazing tree.

I came away with a flat of Zinnias. I love those little happy flowers, and a flat of impatience for the little pots in front…

4 thoughts on “Guess what

  1. Totally off topic from your post but I love the changes you’ve made the the blog. I really like the new font you’re using and the title is in a different font now too (or at least from what I remember, it could be the same one and I’m just noticing LOL). It looks great a nice crisp, clean look.

    I look forward to your opening every year. Your Inn is on my bucket list. 🙂

  2. Hey, this is Roxanne, from Marvin’s Garden Spot, and I came across this page from a search of our name. Thanks for the “love!” We are glad that you enjoy our market, and we will be here next year with lots of great plants too! Don’t forget, though, that our main thing is actually our local fresh produce throughout the season! 🙂

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